Factors determine the price of temperature humidity test chamber


December 16, 2019


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When we were children,our parents always warn us "Do comparison shopping before you buy",why they say like this?this is a very simple truth, for the first deal,we are always cautious, through continuous comparison in order to find out the best quality, service, after-sale and price. This apply to any industry,there are many manufacturers of environmental test equipment. When some customers inquire a temeprature humidity test chamber, they will find a very common problem. Why is the price of the same equipment quoted by the two manufacturers very different? 1, the chamber body process,which effects the exterior case quality,this price has a gap. 2, the components, esp.components of the refrigeration system, is the core value of the temperature humidity test chamber. 3, even if the body and refrigeration components are the same, some prices are different, that is the manufacturer technical level. 4, regional issues, Wuxi,Changzhou, Dongguan, these brands need to know more. 5. after-sales, a powerful manufacturer often with a sound after-sales service dept.. The above are both technical and service, as well as the delivery cost of goods to the local and overseas are different....

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Climatest Symor® is the leading environmental simulation testing equipment manufacturer in China established in 2001, located at Dayang Industrial Park,Hefei,China.

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