Robust Reliability Testing For Drop-on-Demand Jet Printing


March 19, 2020


Gustaf Mårtensson, Patrik Mirzai


In this study, the question was how to perform statistically reliable robust- ness tests for the non-contact drop-on-demand printing of functional fluids, such as solder paste and conductive adhesives. The goal of this study was to develop a general method for hypothesis testing when robustness tests are performed. The main problem was to determine if there was a statistical difference between two means or proportions of jet printing devices. In this study, an example of jetting quality variation was used when comparing two jet printing ejector types that differ slightly in design. We wanted to understand if the difference in ejector design can impact jetting quality by performing robustness tests. and thus answer the question, "Can jetting differences be seen between ejector design 1 and design 2"?...

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