Reliability of Stacked Microvia


January 21, 2021


Hardeep Heer & Ryan Wong


Reliability of Microvia has been a concern since microvias were introduced to our industry. This study was designed to understand the reliability of Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 Microvias. Reliability Test Coupon design was developed in co-operation with PWB Interconnect to include up to four stacks of microvias placed on and off a buried via. Standard FR4 material, meeting the requirement of IPC-4101/24, was selected and IST thermal cycling was chosen as a reliability test method. Staggered microvias were not considered because previous testing has shown that staggered microvias are as reliable as single stage microvias. It was also decided to have all the microvias plated shut during the copper plating process. Samples were produced as one lot, utilizing FTG's standard manufacturing processes. Efforts were made to include all possible test conditions required to understand microvia reliability....

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