Test Fixture Design Presentation ICT & FCT Test Fixtures


May 20, 2021


Greg Dorsey & Sven F. Nocher


Quality Control is essential in production processes. In the PCB Assembly process there are several Quality Control steps or options. The most popular tests are the electrical (In-Circuit or ICT) and the function (functional or FCT/FVT) test. ICT test fixtures are standardized and there are several major test platforms available which are industry standards. For FCT applications there are many more variations possible due to the vast number of testers and interface approaches unique to each customer; also due to an endless list of applications which fall under the category of Functional Test (RF, High Current, LED test, Leak test etc.) Test Probes are a very important part in ICT as well as in FCT applications. If the wrong test probe (type, spring force, tip style etc.) is used, the test fixture will not work as intended. In addition the test probe must be installed correctly in order to work properly. This presentation will show general information and some guidelines for a proper Test Fixture design to assure the most efficient production....

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