Effect of Nano-Coated Stencil on 01005 Printing


November 17, 2021


Rita Mohanty Ph.D., S. Manian Ramkumar Ph.D., Chris Anglin, Toshitake Oda


The demand for product miniaturization, especially in the handheld device area, continues to challenge the board assembly industry. The desire to incorporate more functionality while making the product smaller continues to push board design to its limit. It is not uncommon to find boards with castle-like components right next to miniature components. This type of board poses a special challenge to the board assemblers as it requires a wide range of paste volume to satisfy both small and large components. One way to address the printing challenge is to use creative stencil design to meet the solder paste requirement for both large and small components. ... The most important attribute of a stencil is its release characteristic. In other words, how well the paste releases from the aperture. The paste release, in turn, depends on the surface characteristics of the aperture wall and stencil foil. The recent introduction of new technology, nano-coating for both stencil and squeegee blades, has drawn the attention of many researchers. As the name implies, nano-coated stencils and blades are made by a conventional method such as laser-cut or electroformed then coated with nano-functional material to alter the surface characteristics. This study will evaluate nano-coated stencils for passive component printing, including 01005....

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