Solderable Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives for 3D Package Applications


January 12, 2016


Dr. Mary Liu and Dr. Wusheng Yin


3D packaging has recently become very attractive because it can provide more flexibility in device design and supply chain, reduce the gap between silicon die and organic substrate, help miniaturize devices and meet the demand of high speed, provide more memory, more function and low cost. With the advancement of 3D packaging, the bump height is now down from 80μ to 10μ. When the bump diameter is 20-40μ and height 10μ, the process and reliability are obvious issues. It is well known that underfill can enhance the reliability for regular flip chip, however underfill won’t help assembly process. In order to resolve some difficulties that 3D packaging faces, YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC has developed solderable anisotropic conductive adhesives for 3D package applications. In this paper we will discuss the assembly process and reliability in detail....

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