Optical Bonding


January 10, 2019




We notice that the quantities of material that are to be dosed are becoming more and more divergent. In addition to large media volumes, small and very small quantities are also increasingly coming into focus. For example autonomous driving: These vehicles already produce an immense amount of data today. When potting the associated sensors, cameras, and ECUs, it is important to ensure a precise and repeatable media application – even with volumes of only 0.03 ml. In contrast, when high-voltage batteries for electric cars are potted, 5 to 10 litres of heat-conducting paste are required per vehicle – and the trend is rising. Optical bonding used in display production, on the other hand, is in the medium volume range. The challenge now is to cover the entire volume spectrum reliably and in compliance with the required cycle times. This is remedied by a modular system of scalable modules, which offers the customer the necessary flexibility and enables him to plan a system according to his needs....

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