Introduction to the manufacturing process of anti static ic tubes


January 20, 2019


James tong


With the rapid development of the electronics industry, more and more components such as integrated circuits and connectors, relays, power modules, etc. need to be packaged with IC tubes. The anti static ic tubes is actually a kind of pvc plastic(reference to : What are the materials for IC tubes) profile, the size varies with the shape of the installed product, the precision requirement is high, the wall thickness should be controlled within ±0.1mm, and the surface is required to have no impurity spots, smooth and transparent. The IC packaging tubes produced by Sewate Technology Co., Ltd. are extruded. The typical process flow is: extrusion, vacuum adsorption setting, traction, fixed length cutting and directional discharge, deburring, immersion antistatic liquid, drying, testing, packaging and storage ...

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