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Aqueous Technologies Trident III Duo

Aqueous Technologies Trident III Duo

Aqueous Technologies Trident III Duo


Aqueous Technologies Trident III Duo


Board Cleaners

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North Carolina, USA

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Recon Inc

Package includes an evaporator

• Removes Any Flux From Any Alloy
• Closed-Loop (Zero Discharge) Wash Cycle
• Zero Discharge Rinse Cycle
• Available in multiple throughput configurations
• Automatic Wash, Rinse, and Dry Cycles
• Built-In Programmable Cleanliness Verification Testing
• Built-In Rinse Closed-Loop Rinse Water Recycling System
• Unlimited Program Recipes (for each process chamber)
• Graphic User Touchscreen Interface (one for each process chamber)
• Automatic Chemical Dosing and Mixing System (one for each process chamber)
• Optional Real-Time Chemical Concentration Monitoring
• Advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) Data-Logging with Barcode Scanner (one for each process chamber)
• High-Power Forced Hot-Air Convection + Radiant Drying System (for each process chamber)
• Built-In Programmable Maintenance Reminders (for each process chamber)
• Upper Board Rack Ready (each process chamber)
• Three-Position LED Status Light Tower (for each process chamber)
The Trident ZDO High-Yield Cleaning System provides fully automatic wash, rinse, cleanliness verification, and dry functions in a higher throughput / flexibility environment. The Trident ZDO High-Yield Cleaning System removes any flux from any alloy and does so without sending a single from of fluid to the drain.
Equipped with an asymmetrical fan-jet spray system in each process chamber, Trident ZDO's twin stainless steel counter rotating spray bars feature twenty stainless steel fan-jet nozzles project precision-diffused wash solution and rinse water onto a shadow-mitigating oscillating board rack. This spray system was implemented to deliver controlled fluid energy underneath fine-pitch components. The Each Trident ZDO process chamber is pre-plumbed to accept an upper board rack assembly for even higher throughput.
Trident ZDO High-Yield Cleaning System includes a closed loop (zero discharge) wash solution section and an zero-discharge rinse section.

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Recon Inc

Recon is a full service brokerage, from 'as is' through fully reconditioned used pcb assembly equipment. Encompassing sales, installation, training, hotline technical support, preventive maintenan

Concord, North Carolina, USA

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