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Manncorp MC390 series with 60 feeders

Manncorp MC390 series with 60 feeders

Manncorp MC390 series with 60 feeders


Manncorp MC390 series with 60 feeders


Pick and Place/Feeders

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$ 27000.00


Ohio, USA

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Mixed Logic

Modern high performance Manncorp / Autotronik pick and place machine with 60 electronic smart feeders. The current model is the MA392v1 or BA392v1 and both have a base price of around 70,000.00. It is my understanding that this machine has all the same specs and features as the current model with the exception of running windows 2000 in place of windows XP. All current accessories will work with this machine and inline conveyors can be added if needed. The machine has a built date of 2004 but did not go into service until 2008. The machine has around 1600 hrs on it and is ready to go to work. The machine can be inspected under power by appointment near Cleveland and we can provide airport shuttle if you would like to inspect the machine and spend some time with it.

We have owned other Manncorp machines in the past and this one is on another level from older machines. This is a high end machine with multiple cameras and a modern vision system and modern feeders. The sale will include 60 feeders. We have a nice selection of feeders and options available and you have the option to purchase additional feeders at a very nice price.

Feeders will include 52 x 08HS 8mm feeders and 5 12mm feeders 2 12mm high feeders, 1 24mm feeder, 2 matrix tray feeders, 2 x 32 position feeder bases and 1 x 22 position feeder base and a collection of nozzles, manuals and a service kit with some spare parts. We have a large number of additional feeders available including a UFTB vibe feeder.

The machine has a second head as an option as well as a dispenser as an option. This machine currently is fitted with a single head. The Manncorp and Autotronik sites have much more information available including pictures of the software. This machine has the BGA bottom camera, top learn camera and side alignment system and will place the entire range of modern components including 0201s with 2mm index, qfps to .3mm pitch, uBGAs, cut tape and more. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Feeder capacity (8 mm) without conveyor: up to 160Tape Feeders

Feeder capacity (8 mm) with conveyor: up to 96 Tape Feeders

IC Tray capacity: up to 4 Waffle Trays up to 10 Waffle tray with TH-14 Tray Handler (option) Component Size: Handled by head camera: - Smallest: 0.6 x 0.3 mm - Largest: 16 x 14 mm Handled by fixed Bottom Vision Camera: - Smallest: 0.4 x 0.2 mm (option) - Largest: 150 x 100 mm (option) Resolution: X / Y axis 0.005 mm Servo Motor Z axis 0.02 mm Servo Motor Rotation: 0 to 360° (0.045°/step) Servo Motor Placement Accuracy: +/- 0.03 mm X-Y Repeatability: +/- 0.01 mm Placement area w/o conveyor: Max. 650 x 350 mm without Waffle Trays Max. 650 x 330 mm with 1 Waffle Tray Max. 455 x 330 mm with 2 Waffle Trays Placement area with conveyor: Max. 660 x 330 mm without Waffle Trays Max. 650 x 295 mm with 1 Waffle Tray Max. 650 x 175 mm with 2 Waffle Trays Programming: Direct input Vision teach-in CAD Access (Option) Component Sense: Vision detection Main Control: Industrial PC Machine Size: (L x W x H) Main body: 1150 x 1100 x 1350 mm Weight: 550 kg / 1200 lbs Power: 120V / AC, 1300 W Pressure: 75 psi (5.5 bar)

Shipping dimensions 43” x 44” x 64”H We are located 15 miles south of Cleveland Ohio 44280. Feel free to call or email if you have any questions. (440)-826-1676 10am-6pm EST. Thank you

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Mixed Logic

OEM, design and develop products for the audio recording industry. EMS, contract design of control and automation systems for additional industries.

Valley City, Ohio, USA


  • Phone 440-826-1676

Mixed Logic website

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