Tektronix RSA3408A

Tektronix RSA3408A

Tektronix RSA3408A


Tektronix RSA3408A


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Tektronix RSA3408A

Trigger, Capture, Analyze WLAN, Radar, 3G, or other Time-Varying RF Signals

High-resolution spectrogram reveals transient signal behavior that translates to rapid problem solving. Here, 500 kHz sidebands are revealed as part of the transient behavior of a hopping signal as it switches frequencies.

Time-correlated, multi-domain view provides a new level of insight into design or operational problems not possible with conventional analysis solutions.

Get fast resolution to complex problems with Enhanced Triggering, More Capture Bandwidth and Great New

Analysis Tools

See signals and events you've been missing with conventional analysis tools. With only a single acquisition, the RSA3408A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) captures a continuous time record of changing RF events and enables time-correlated analysis in the frequency, time, and modulation domains. You get the functionality of a vector signal analyzer, a wide band spectrum analyzer, plus the unique trigger-capture-analyze capability of RTSA — in one, transportable package.


Unparalleled 36 MHz bandwidth Frequency Mask Trigger (FMT) makes it easy to capture transient, low duty-cycle or other difficult to capture signals. An FMT mask is simply configured using a mouse and it can be set up for one or many frequency bands within an analysis span. FMT can monitor for signal appearance/disappearance, or change in amplitude, frequency, bandwidth, spectral shape, and more—all while the instrument user is working on another task. A Power Trigger, working in the time domain and at any Real-Time analysis span, can be armed to monitor for a user-set power threshold to be crossed during a moment in time. A power detector determines total power of all signals in a span which is compared to the user-set threshold.


Capture once—make multiple measurements as needed. All signals in a Real-Time analysis span—including transients, low duty-cycle and other difficult-to-measure events—are captured together into RSA3408A deep memory where signal data can be accessed at the user's convenience. Record lengths vary depending on span selected—up to 1.28 seconds at 36 MHz span, 51.2 seconds at 1 MHz span, or 5120 seconds at 10 kHz span with Deep Memory Option 02. Real-Time capture of small signals is enhanced by –78 dBc third order IM and 66 dB 3GPP ACLR (TM1, 16 channel), plus very good phase noise performance and sensitivity. A solid performance front-end serves not only Real-Time and wide band Spectrum Analysis modes, but also on-board vector signal analysis functionality. Analyze

Time-correlated multi-domain analysis provides engineers with unique insight to time-varying signal behavior resulting in fast analysis and problem solving. Time-correlated measurements can be made across the frequency, time, and modulation domains. The analysis display called Spectrogram has the ability to overlap individual spectra as close as 20 nsec providing an intuitive view of signal changes over time, ideal for such things as frequency hopping, pulsed signals, modulation switching, settling time, bandwidth changes, relative timing of appearing, and intermittent signals. The RSA3408A introduces analysis capabilities that advance productivity for engineers working on components or in RF system design, integration and performance verification, or operations engineers working in networks, spectrum monitoring, or surveillance.

02 65.5 mSample Deep Memory Frequency Mask Trigger
03 External IQ Input
06 Removable Hard Disk Drive
1R Rack Mount Kit
21 Advanced Measurement Suite
23 W-CDMA Uplink Analysis
24 GSM/EDGE Analysis
25 CDMA2000 1X Forward/Reverse Link Analysis
26 1X EVDO Forward/Reverse Link Analysis
27 3GPP Release 5 Downlink (HSDPA) Analysis
28 TD-SCDMA Analysis
29 WLAN 802.11 A/B/G Analysis
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