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ETA SMT lead-free reflow oven E8

ETA SMT lead-free reflow oven E8

ETA SMT lead-free reflow oven E8


ETA SMT lead-free reflow oven E8


Soldering - Reflow

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I.C.T ( Dongguan ICT Technology Co., Ltd. )

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SMT lead-free reflow oven E8


Heating System

> Eight groups of top and bottom forced hot air convection heating zones.

> Patented heating plates in each zone uniformly transfer heat to the PCBs using forced hot air convection.

> Independent temperature control in each zone to ensure temperature uniformity within the process tunnel.

> Power consumption savings of 1/3 as compared to other systems.

> Patented motorized blower in each zone is designed to ensure stable air pressure, withstand high process temperature and is disturbance-free.

> Audible and light tower alarm for temperature limits, PCB drop, PCB jam and blower malfunction.

> Fast start-up (within 20 minutes) from room temperature to work temperature due to the high efficiency of the motorized heating plates.


Cooling System

> Two (2) groups of forced air convection cooling zones.

Distortion-free Conveyor System with Automated Chain Lubrication

> Combined pin chain rail and mesh belt conveyor system (Note: Mesh belt is not available on machines with center board support. )

> Closed-loop computer control of the conveyor provides a precise and repeatable reflow process.

> Automated chain lubrication system with a computer controlled central reservoir. Lubricant is added directly to the conveyor brush eliminating operator interface for this maintenance.

>Fresh Air Recharge System

>Fresh air is supplied to each zone uniformly to provide a rapid process transfer.


Flux Management System

> Air amplifier forces supercharged flux collection and recirculation.

> Flux exhaust chimney with drawer shaped filter net is easy to access for maintenance.

Control System

> PC control system with windows based control software.

Additional Features

> Integrated UPS will be automatically activated in case of main power failure and will keep control PC and conveyor running for minimum 8 minutes to send out PCBs inside the oven tunnel.

> Motorized hood lift allows easy access to the inside of the oven for service and maintenance.

> Five (5) profiling ports and integrated profiling software are designed for convenient temperature profiling.


> Swing arm control PC station

> Four (4) emergency stop switches

> Two (2) exhaust ports

> SMEMA interface

> System documentation


Specifications  E8(8-Zone)


Outside  Dimension(L*W*H)  4800x1250x1490mm

Standard  Color  Computer  Grey

Weight  Approx. 2250KG

Number  Of  Heating  Zones  Up8/Bottom8

Length  Of  Heating  Zones  2900mm

Exhaust  Volume  10M3/minx2    Exhausts

Standard  Feature  Of  Control  System

Electric  Supply  Required  3phase, 380V  50/60Hz

Power  For  Warm  Up  30KW

Power  Consumption  8KW

Warming  Time  Approx. 20  minute

Temp.   Setting  Range  Room  Temp.   ---    300  degree

Temperature  Control  Method  PID  Close  Loop  Control  +  SSR  Driving

Temperature  Control  Precision  ±   1.0  degree

Temperature  Deviation  on  PCB  ±   1.5  degree    (by  MR  Board  Test  Standard)

Heating  Element  Especial  Heating  elements  For  Long  Life  ;

Commutated  Element  Aluminium  Alloy  Plate

Max.   Temp.   Gap  Between  Preheat  &   Reflow  Setting  80  degree

Max.   Temp.   Gap  Between  Preheat  Zones  Setting  40  degree

Max.   Temp.   Gap  Between  Reflow  Zones  Setting  50  degree

Data  Storage  Process  Data  and  Status  Storage

Abnormal  Alarm  Abnormal  Temperature  (Extra-high  /  Extra-low  Temp. )

Board  Dropped  Alarm  Tower  Light:   Yellow– Warming;   Green-Normal;   Red-Abnormal

Features  Of  Conveyor  System

Rail  Number  1  Lane

Max. Width  Of  PCB  320mm  (Option: 610mm  )

Components  Clearance  Top/  Bottom  Clearance  of  PCB  is  25mm

Converyor  Direction  L→ R  (Option:   R→ L)

Fixed  Rail  Side  Front  Rail  Fixed(Option: Rear  Rail  Fixed)

Transmission  Agent  Air-Reflow  =    Chain  +  Mesh  ,         N2-Reflow=Chain(Mesh  is  option)

Center  Support  (Option)  Preventing  PCB  warp  such  too  wide  and  heavy  component  load

Converyor  Height  900+/-20mm

Converyor  Speed  Range  300  -  2000mm/min

Lubrication  Auto-Afflux  Standard

Temp.   Thermocouple  Slot  Standard

Driven  Top  Hood  Opening  Standard

On  Line  Editing  Standard

Cooling  Method  Forced-Air      (Standard),                           Water-Chiller  (Option)

Model  for  Nitrogen  Process

Power  For  Warm  Up  32KW

Power  Consumption  12KW

Flux  Management  System  Flux  Reclaimed  and  Filtration  standard  for  N2  Oven,   easy  clean-up.

N2  containment  at  Entry  and  Exit  End  Standard

Flux  Reclaim  System  Standard

Nitrogen  Flow  Meter  Standard

Oxygen  Analyser  Option

Nitrogen  Consumption  [Standard]  400~1000PPM  20M³ /H

Water  Chiller  3  HP  ;     External  Stand-alone  Type  ;     Powerful  Cooling  suit  to  Lead-Free  Process  Required


Company Information:

I.C.T is a manufacturer from China that offers SMT, DIP, PCBA conformal coating equipment and turnkey solution.

Dongguan, Guangdong, China


  • Phone +86 13670124230

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