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N200 SMT lead-free economic w

N200  SMT lead-free economic w

N200  SMT lead-free economic w


N200 SMT lead-free economic w


Soldering - Wave

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Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

Model No   N200
Number of Pre-heater 1
Pre-heater passage 450mm
Body size 1400*1200*1600
Outside dimension 2100*1200*1600
Weight 500KG
Component lead Within 10 mm
Total/steady consumption 9KW/3-5KW
Air supply 0.5MPa
Preheating style IR(standard)
Preheater consumption 220V 5KW
Control  method Press key +PLC(Option: touch screen, PC)
Range of temp. setpoint Room temperature---300ºC
Preheating time About 10-15mins for setting 150ºC
Solder Application Lead-free / Sn-Pb
Solder pot capacity 180KG
Solder pot temperature 300ºC
Solder pot consumption 380V 6KW
Solder temp. control method PID&SSR
Wave motor consumption 500W 220V
Solder melting About 120mins for setting 250ºC
PCB  width 50-250mm
Conveyor  speed 300-1800mm/min
Conveyor  direction L→R (R→L optional)
Conveyor   inclination 4-7 º
Flux pressure 3-5 bar
Flux capacity 3.2L
1. Automatic conveying power system and auto synchronous board feeding functions.
2. Solder Pot peak uses frequency conversing speed adjustment which can independently control the wave height.
3. Fluxer system using transverse Japanese spray nozzle, driven by pneumatic cylinder and PLC control, accurate and reliable.
4. PLC is used to control the machine, to ensure the reliability and stability of the system.
5. Pre-heaters using Infrared heating element, heat radiated efficiently to the circuit board with fast ramp up and fully activating liquid flux.
6. Special alloy solder fingers, strengthened double v-groove.
7. Solder-motor adopts imported high frequency conversion motor with independent control, stable performance and long lifetime.
8. Pre-heater passage with modularized design, meet with environmental protection requirement, safety and convenient to cleanup.
9.Preheaters uses three independent temperature control so as to ensure the excellent heat preservation, temperature uniformity, temperature accuracy in ±2ºC.
10.Timer startup feature for solder pot, solder melted within 90 minutes.
11. Automatic finger cleaner ensure the cleanliness of solder fingers.
Intelligent monitoring and alarm system ensure the stable performance and operators’ safety.

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