GKG G5 /G5298HS

 GKG G5 /G5298HS

 GKG G5 /G5298HS


GKG G5 /G5298HS


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Product features of GKG automatic solder paste printing machine:

1. GKG dedicated manual adjustment jacking platform

Simple structure, low cost, and convenient manual adjustment, which can quickly adjust the lifting height of PIN needles of PCB boards of different thicknesses

2. Image and light path system

The new optical path system-uniform ring and high-brightness coaxial light, coupled with the brightness function that can be adjusted steplessly, makes all types of Mark points can be well identified (including uneven MARK points), and is suitable for plating Tin, copper-plated, gold-plated, tinned, FPC and other types of PCBs with different colors

3. Scraper system

Sliding rail type scraper system to improve operation stability and prolong service life

4. Cleaning system

The new type of wiping tape ensures full contact with the steel mesh, and the enlarged vacuum suction force ensures that the residual solder paste in the mesh is eliminated vigorously, which truly realizes the effective automatic cleaning function; dry and wet vacuum three cleaning modes, software can be set at will Cleaning mode and length of cleaning paper

5. Stable steel mesh fixed structure

6. Complete 2D inspection system

GKG automatic solder paste printer G5 specifications:

Device model: G5

Screen frame size: 420×520mm~737×737mm

Large PCB size: 400×310mm

Small PCB size: 50×50mm

PCB thickness: 0.4-6mm

PCB warpage: Max.PCB diagonal 1%

Transmission height: 900±40mm

Transmission direction: Left-Right Right-Left Right-Right Left-Left

Transport speed: 1500mm/s(MAX), Program Control

Conveying method: one-stage transport track

PCB positioning and support method: magnetic needle top/automatically adjustable jacking platform Tightening method: unique top flattening and upper pressing sheet, side clamp

Print head: Two independent motors drive the print head

Scraper pressure: 0-10kg (Program Control)

Cleaning method: enhanced vacuum adsorption, three modes of dry, wet and vacuum

Field of view: 10.24×6.4mm

X, Y, θ adjustment: X, Y: ±8mm, θ: ±2° (increment 0.5micro)

Vision system: software processing/up and down simultaneous imaging optical path system/1394 digital camera/geometric matching positioning

Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.01mm

Printing accuracy: ±0.025mm

Printing cycle: ≤8.5S

Changing time: 3mins for the old program, set up 5mins for the new program.

Main air supply source: 4-6kg/cm2

Main power supply: AC: 220±10%, 50/60HZ 3KW

Control method: PC Control

Operating system: windows XP

Machine dimensions: 1210×1530×1510mm (machine body)

Total machine capacity: 1000kg

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