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Techvalley Co., Ltd. HAWKEYE9030 AXI

Techvalley Co., Ltd. HAWKEYE9030 AXI

Techvalley Co., Ltd. HAWKEYE9030 AXI


Techvalley Co., Ltd. HAWKEYE9030 AXI


X-Ray Inspection

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Techvalley HAWKEYE9030 AXI, industrial X-ray / 3D CT.

Ultra-fast! Ultra-precise! Automated In-line X-ray Inspection System

Manufacturing innovation for Industry 4.0.

Optimized solution for Smart Factory.

  • Provides fast scan speed (0,43-0,7 sec/point).
  • Intuitive user interface to enhance operator's convenience.
  • Realized best cost-effectiveness.
  • Inspection for Surface Mount Circuit Board.
  • Localized inspection S/W by own technoligies.

HAWKEYE9030 AXI System is X-ray automated inspection equipment which was developed by our own technology in 2014 and installed directly in Vietnam SMT production line.

Detecting defects of various inspection items by applying special algorithm developed by Techvalley's own image software team, it is possible to detect not only one-sided mounting board but also duplicated image of double-sided mounting board.

In addition, a management system such as ERP system support, real-time monitoring, and remote management mode has been adopted and the user friendly intuitive user interface has increased the convenience of the operator.

Developed with 100% self-technology, we realized the cost-effectiveness, world-class inspection speed and detection power.

Optimized automated in-line inspection system for surface mount circuit board

An innovative inspection system that analyzes the inspection image by special filter processing with the image inspection (SV). The image inspection (SV) technology optimized for mounting circuit board component inspection.

Automated inspection system of double-sided mounting board in SMD in-line

Detection item of full number inspection: Bridge, Void, PAD, Missing, Tombstone, Shift, Etc.


  • Mobile parts,
  • Camera Module
  • LED
  • Intenna/Antenna
  • Batteries
  • ECU Board
  • Etc.


X-ray Source: 7 nanometer / 130 kV / 0,5 mA

Detector: Flat Panel Detector

Cabinet (mm): 1500(W)x2150(D)x1600(H)

S/W: self-developed program for automated defect detection, critical factor management, remote monitoring & management, task management and statistics S/W, management S/W for NG Buffer.

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We give service and support as Samsung Techwin full line, TSM reflower, Heller reflower as well. Also we deal with new and used machine.

Diosd, Hungary


  • Phone +36-30-220-3290

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