Ekra X5

Ekra X5

Ekra X5


Ekra X5


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Sri Lanka

Offered by:

Ekloo Bis

Ekra   Type model – X5
Serial-Number – X5 01089
Alignment Repeatability -  +12.5 µm@6sigma
Printing speed -  9mm/sec to 200mm/sec
Printing pressure – 0kg to 26kg
Frame size – 736mm*736mm*38mm
Printable area – 460mm*460mm
PCB size – 50mm*50mm to 508mm*508mm
Manufactured – 2001
Weight – 750 kg
Power rating 230V – 50/60Hz 20kW
External fuse 16
Control voltage 24V DC
Air pressure 6 bar
Scale Specification
Scale type Reflective gold plated steel
tape with protective lacquer coating and
self-adhesive backing

Scale pitch 20μm
Scale accuracy ±3μm/m with linear compensation
(See section 6 Axis Calibration)

Linearity ±3μm/m

Scale length 10mm - 50m
>50m by special order
See section 1.3 Part Numbers for
ordering information.
Scale can easily be cut to any measuring
length using lightweight shears (see
section 3 Scale Installation for further

Substrate Metals, ceramics and composites
materials with expansion coefficient between 0 and
22μm/m/°C (steel, aluminium, invar,
granite, ceramic etc)

Coefficient of As per mounting substrate material
expansion when scale ends fixed by epoxy mounted
end clamps

End fixing Epoxy mounted end clamps.
Scale end movement <1μm after first or
multiple 20°C temperature changes when
mounted on substrate with expansion
coefficient between 0 and 22μm/m/°C

Company Information:

Ekloo Bis

We specialize in the Electronics assembling and testing of all electronic systems as well as Box build applications, wire harnessing and manufacture of a range of reliable electronic products for the commercial and industry

Yahalathanna, Sri Lanka

Assembly, Contract Manufacturer, Repair / Rework

  • Phone +94 764 832 799

Ekloo Bis website

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