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Nicolet NXR-1400LFOV

Nicolet NXR-1400LFOV

Nicolet NXR-1400LFOV


Nicolet NXR-1400LFOV


X-Ray Inspection




$ 37500.00


California, USA

Offered by:

MatriX Technologies GmbH

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The NXR-1400LFOV x-ray inspection system for production quality assurance, failure analysis and rework verification...

System Includes:

Sample Handling 18" x 24"

Footprint 72" (H) x 62" (W) x 50" (D)

X-Ray Source 20-100KV

Focalspot size 10 micron

Image Detector 4" ( 10cm) with CCD camera w/zoom

Magnification up to 65X at maximum zoom setting

Motion Control X/Y sample table, detector Z1, and zoom Z2, rotation (optional)

Variable speed joystick control

Image Processor: New FocalSpot / Dell PC Windows 7 Pro, 19" LCD Monitor and VIP II software

Manuals included

Company Information:

Manufacturer of Real-time Automated Xray Inspection. Focus on SMT solder joint inspection of hidden joints ie, BGAs and PTH Barrel Fill per IPC-610. Clients include leading manufacturers in the electronics/automotive Industries.

San Diego, CA, USA


  • Phone +1.858.536 50-50

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