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Exfo WA-7000

Exfo WA-7000


Exfo WA-7000


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Exfo WA-7000

Exfo-Burleigh WA-7000 Wavemeter


    The most complete WDM channel analysis

    Simultaneous Measurement of as many as 200 Optical Channels

    Multiple and average wavelength measurement to an accuracy of +-1.5 pm

    Individual peak and total optical power measurement

    Optical spectral analysis to a resolution of 50 pm

    Automatic calculation of signal-to-noise ratio & channel spacing

         The Burleigh WA-7000 Multi-line Wavemeter is an instrument designed for automatic and accurate wavelength measurments of countinuous wave (CW) laser sources. The interference fringes produced by the input laser radiation in the scanning Michelson interferometer are sampled in the interferometer scan at equally spaced intervals calibrated by a built-in reference laser. A high-speed digital signal processor computes a Fourier Transform of the interferogram to obtain a spectrum of the input laser that is displayed on the Wavemeter screen. Discrete wavelengths included in the input laser source appear as peaks in the spectrum. The wavelength of each peak is accurately determined based on the knowledge of the reference laser wavelength. The WA-7000 Multi-line Wavemeter uses a HeNe reference laser that provides an absolute wavelength accuracy better than ±1 part per million. Inside the instrument, both the reference laser and the input laser beams are coupled into the monolithic interferometer by fiber optic cables that ensure good optical alignment. An embedded computer generates the spectral display and derives the wavelength and power of each spectral peak. The front panel display, and other input and output functions are also controlled by the computer. The Wavemeter front panel has buttons to select different display screens, change parameters or display attributes, and manipulate the collection of data.

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