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Agilent 8562EC

Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 30 Hz to 13.2 GHz

The 8562EC has a color display and frequency range of 30 Hz to 13.2 GHz, which covers the spur-search ranges specified by leading standards organization in Europe and the United States for GSM. With its fast DLP execution speed, 8562EC reduces your test times in production.



    +/-1.0 dB absolute amplitude accuracy

    -151 dBm/Hz displayed average noise level (DANL)

    <-113 dBc/Hz phase noise at 10 kHz offset


    Fast digital resolution bandwidths of 1 Hz to 3 MHz

    Portable, MIL-PRF-28800, Class 3 rugged

    Easily transfer screen image or trace data to PC with BenchLink software E4444A BenchLink software


    001 - Second IF Output (310.7 MHz)provided at rear panel connector J10. Not available with option 327.

    005 - Alternate Sweep Output. Not available with option 327.

    007 - Fast Time Domain Sweeps as fast as 50 us in 0 Hz span. Not available with option 327.

    008 - Signal Identification. Provides signal ID for unpreselected ext. mixers. Not avail. with opt. 327

    042 - Soft Carrying Case, Gray

    044 - Soft Carrying Case, Yellow

    0B0 - Delete manuals

    0Q8 - Factory-delivered Service Training

    103 - Frequency reference changed to TCXO. Minimum Res BW decreased from 1 Hz to 10 Hz.

    104 - Deletes 85620A Mass Memory Module

    1BN - MIL-STD-45662A Calibration (no Data)

    1BP - MIL-STD-45662A Calibration (with Data)

    327 - Deletes front panel IF Input and rear panel Video Output.

    908 - Rackmount Flange kit without Handles

    909 - Rackmount Flange Kit with Handles

    910 - Extra Manual Set

    915 - Service Guide

    916 - Extra Quick Reference Guide (English)

    B70 - BenchLink Spectrum Analyzer

    C91 - 856xEC-series Factory Rackmount configuration (see option 908)

    E35 - ACPR Test Set

    R08 - Signal Identification Retrofit Kit

    UK6 - Commercial Calibration Certificate with Test Data

    W30 - Extends factory warranty service for 3 years.

    W32 - Two additional years calibration service

    W34 - 3 year customer return for calibration service

    W50 - 5 year customer return for repair service

    W52 - 5 year customer return for calibration service

    W54 - 5 year customer return for calibration service

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