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  fully automatic wave soldering machine (with 1 year warranty)     

Functions and features:
Controlling and safety system:
1.Machine is controlled by Siemens PLC +Lenovo PC,with stable performance; high precision of profile repetition can avoid product loss attributed by abnormal running of the computer.
2.Windows XP operating system,convenient communication between operator and machine.
3.Strong saving function is able to save all temperature, speed setting and the temperature profiles.Furthermore, all datas and profiles can be printed.
4. Creepage protecting switch makes sure the safety of operator and controlling system.
5.Double-protecting system for overcurrent, makes sure the safety of electrical system when overcurrent and poweroff take place.
6.Unique overtemperature alarm for solder paste ensures the heating safety and normal production.
7.Alarm mode:acoustooptical automatically alarm.
8.Power on and power off automatically according to the setting.
Conveying Systems
1.adopt stepless electron-adjusting system,closed-loop control.
2.Precise duckbill finger is anti-erosion and distortion-free.
3.Mechanical structure mode,all parts are sophisticated and stable.
4.All parameters(width,speed)are adjustable.

Flux supply system:
1.Adopt automatically tracing spraying system, the spraying area is adjusted with the change of PCB width.
2.Spraying head made by America-based TD company,fully 316 stainless steel material,is anti-erosion,spraying evenly,saving the consumption of flux.
3.Inside automatical tracing program,spraying time is adjusted with the change of PCB conveying speed.
4.Inside cleaning system for flux spraying head,makes it hard for the head to get blocked,improve the its lifespan.
5.Spraying mode:step motor.
Preheating system:
1.Main preheating system consists of 4 sections of long preheating zones,make it better to control soldering technicals.
2.The interlayer of preheating box’s cover is fitted with heat-preserving cotton,ensures thermal insulation effect,improve heat efficiency.
3.Preheating mode:hot air preheating.
4.Additional heat compensation system,prevents the temperature of PCB from dropping when it gets out to solder pot,reducing the temperature difference.
Soldering system:
1.Absorb European-American technology,the internal hood of solder pot is made of anti-erosion,heat-resistant,distortion-resistant titanium alloy.external hood is made of 18mm cast iron;
2.Soldering oxidation volume is fairly low,and oxides gather automatically.
3.Solder wave can rise up and fall down automatically according to PCB,has economical function.
4.The distance between two nozzles is shorter than general one,diminishing the second heat impact of PCB.
5.Fit for the soldering of SMT or directly inserted components.
6.Dual wave adopts stepless converter technique,independently controls the wave height.
7. The raise,fall,input and output of solder pot all can be controlled automatically.several sensors and interlock devices prevent wrong operation from occurring.
8. Paste-spraying mode of solder pot:mechanical pump and heat-resistant motor of strong anti-jamming function,equipped with P.I.D controlling system,make the rotating speed steady.(the uniformity of wave height is better)
9.Solder pot’s temperature is accurately controlled by P.I.D.
10.Flux automatically-injected system.
Cooling system
1.2P air cooling system in the rear of solder pot,ensures the quick eutectic effect of lead-free soldering.
2.Cooling mode:turbo blower enforces it cool down.
3.Cool wind can blow through PCB’S A side and soldering side,wind volume is controlled by valve.
4.Double cooling zones,improve cooling efficiency.

-Flux capacity:6L;
-Flux runoff:10-100ml/min(adjustable);
-Preheating zone length:1800mm(900mm×2);
-Quantity of preheating zone:4 (2 sections control);
-Preheating temperature:room temperatuer~250°C;
-Max.preheating power:14KW;
-Heating compensation function:2KW;
-Solder pot capacity:450KG(lead-free paste);
-Solder pot temperature:room temperature-300°C;
-Max. power of solder pot:12KW;
-Cooling power:2HP;
-Cooling speed:6-10°C/Sec
-PCB width:Max.350mm;
-PCB conveying direction: left to right(option:right to left);
-PCB conveying speed:0~1.8m/min;
-Conveying rail angle:4~7degree
- Conveying height:Max.100mm;
- Power supply:3 phase,5 wires(380V/50Hz);                                                         
- Starting power:Max.24KW;                                                                     
- Normal running power:Approx.8KW;;                                                     
- Air supply:0.5Mpa;                                                                     
- Weight:Approx.2300KG;                                                                     
- Outer dimension:4550(L)×1420(W)×1500(H).                                                     

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Oubel supplies the dispensing and PCB conformal coating machine, SMT &DIP machines that is supported by a global service network ,we offer customer-inspired solutions in a range of industries

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