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Agilent E5515C

8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set

The industry standard for high-speed, accurate and reliable RF measurements, coupled with flexible network emulation

The Agilent E5515C hardware platform for the 8960 wireless communications test set is the world’s most trusted solution for wireless device manufacturing and RF design and verification.

The proven 8960 test applications, developed for high-volume, automated wireless device manufacturing test, offer speed, accuracy, repeatability, and ease of programming, all on the format-flexible E5515C architecture. For the mobile manufacturer, this translates into lower test costs and higher production output to help meet customer demand for phones now and into the future.

The 8960’s flexible, accurate and fast RF measurements, coupled with a fully flexible yet easy-to-use network emulator help you design, integrate and verify your RF devices faster. Add the full-featured wireless test manager (WTM) software for automated RF parametric testing of 3GPP and 3GPP2 minimum performance standards to find issues sooner and resolve them faster! Ensure your device moves quickly through the RF conformance process with the GS-8800 RF design verification and conformance test systems; scalable high-performance test systems built around the 8960’s measurement speed, accuracy and repeatability. Further, the GS-8800 software includes pre-defined tests that conform to individual technology standards and can be easily configured or modified when used in the design verification environment.

The E5515C, paired with technology-specific test applications and lab applications, provides a tailored solution for your testing needs. Get exactly what you need at a price you can afford with the E5515C. See the 8960 Applications Feature Comparisons for more information, and download a copy of the 8960 Configuration Guide from the Document Library for details on how to order an 8960 test set to best meet your wireless device testing requirements.

Are you working on cutting-edge wireless device design, integration and verification for today’s hot new 3.5G technologies, such as 42 Mbps DC-HSDPA or MIMO? Unleash the new power of the 8960 with the new E5515E hardware platform. See the Related Products on the Options & Accessories tab for more information.

The 8960 is the only test set platform with the robust and accurate RF measurements, flexible network emulation and high data rate performance to enable complete wireless device testing across the development lifecycle. Enhance communication between engineering groups and speed time-to-market while reducing asset management workloads across the business with the 8960, the world’s most trusted wireless test set.


    Supports GSM/GPRS/EGPRS/E-EDGE, W-CDMA/HSPA/HSPA+, cdma2000 /1xEV-DO/eHRPD, TD-SCDMA/TD-HSDPA/TD-HSUPA, IS-95, TIA/EIA-136 and AMPS wireless device testing.
    Software upgradeable for quick access to new functionality.
    Integrate with WTM software for quick automation of RF and parametric tests
    Remotely controllable through GPIB interface


    292 to 2700 MHz frequency range includes all commercial 3GPP and 3GPP2 frequency bands
    -110 to -13 dBm output level range with modulation
    VSWR <1.2:1 400 to 2000 MHz
    < +/-1.0 dB channel power measurement accuracy

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E5515C-002 = 2nd RF source
E5515C-003 = Flexible CDMA base station emulator
E5515C-004 = Digital bus
E5515C-370 = E6571A wireless test manager run-time license
E5515C-371 = E6571C wireless test manager run-time license
E5515C-AX3 = Front handle kit
E5515C-AX4 = Rack flange kit
E5515C-AX5 = Flange and handle kit
E5515C-E16 = 225MHz universal counter - 10 digits
E5515C-R45 = Hardware revision 4.5
E5515C-R48 = Hardware revision 4.8
E5515C-R50 = Hardware revision 5.0
E5515C-R51 = Hardware revision 5.1
E5515C-R55 = Hardware revision 5.5
E5515C-R58 = Hardware revision 5.8
E5515C-R70 = Hardware Revision 7.0
E5515C-SS1 = Tripp-Lite surge suppresser 120V
E5515C-SS2 = Tripp-Lite surge suppresser 220/240V
E5515C-UK6 = Commercial calibration certificate with test data
E1961A = AMPS/136 mobile test application
E1962B = CDMA2000/IS-95/AMPS mobile test application
E1962B-401 = CDMA2000 Rel A new control channels
E1962B-402 = Advanced AMPS measurements
E1962B-403 = CDMA2000 authentication
E1962B-405 = CDMA2000 Digital bus (fading)
E1962B-406 = CDMA2000 Multi-unit sync
E1962B-407 = CDMA2000 Protocol logging
E1962B-409 = CDMA2000 SMS
E1962B-410 = CDMA2000 1x Advanced
E1963A = W-CDMA mobile test application
E1963A-401 = W-CDMA End-to-End Video
E1963A-402 = W-CDMA Video Loopback
E1963A-403 = HSDPA test modes
E1963A-405 = HSDPA 14.4Mbps Test Mode
E1963A-408 = W-CDMA Enhanced Audio
E1963A-409 = W-CDMA Adv. SMS
E1963A-413 = HSUPA test modes
E1963A-423 = HSPA+ Test Mode
E1966A = 1xEV-DO terminal test application
E1966A-102 = 1xEV-DO Rel A and B
E1966A-103 = 1xEV-DO Multicarrier
E1966A-104 = Rel B Optional DRC
E1966A-405 = 1xEV-DO Digital bus (fading)
E1966A-406 = 1xEV-DO Multi-unit sync
E1966A-407 = 1xEV-DO Protocol logging
E1968A = GSM/GPRS mobile test application
E1968A-101 = GSM functionality
E1968A-102 = GPRS functionality
E1968A-103 = EGPRS functionality
E1968A-104 = Evolved EDGE functionality
E1968A-201 = GSM and GPRS functionality
E1968A-202 = GSM,GPRS and EGPRS functionality
E1968A-406 = VAMOS
E1968A-408 = GSM/GPRS Enhanced Audio
E1968A-409 = GSM/GPRS Adv. SMS
E1968A-410 = EGPRS phase and amplitude vs time
E1968A-411 = IQ capture
E1968A-417 = 8PSK Distortion calibration
E1968A-419 = Mobile Calculated BER
E1968A-430 = Class 34
E1968A-431 = Class 45
E1969A = TD-SCDMA GSM Fast switch test application
E1969A-101 = TD-SCDMA Non Signaling test mode
E1969A-201 = TD-SCDMA Signaling mode
E1969A-301 = TD-SCDMA FDT
E1969A-403 = TD-HSDPA
E1976A = 1xEV-DO Rel 0 FTM test application
E1976A-102 = 1xEV-DO Rel A and B FTM
E1987A = Fast switching test application
E1991B = Mobile test application suite
E1993A = 8960 UMTS test application suite
E1996A = CDMA2000/1xEV-DO TA suite
E1999A = E5515 application features
E1999A-202 = FDT Enhanced
E1999A-206 = Single channel GPS source
E1999A-301 = PESQ Measurement
E1999A-501 = 2-box Voice Handover
E6701H = GSM/GPRS Lab application
E6702D = cdma2000 Lab application
E6703G = W-CDMA/HSPA Lab application
E6704A = EGPRS lab application
E6705A = GSM/(E)GPRS Encryption
E6706D = 1xEV-DO Lab application
E6715A = W-CDMA/HSPA Encryption
E6716D = cdma2000/1xEV-DO LA suite
E6717E = UMTS Lab application suite
E6719G = Lab application suite
E6720A = Lab Application Annual Contract for the 8960
E6785G = Fast Switching Lab application - See more at:

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