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Aeroflex IFR RD-301

The RD301 Radar Test Set is designed for precision simulator testing of aircraft weather radar and narrow pulse marine radar instruments. It is a fully integrated unit which permits testing of routine radar functions by the Test Set in conjunction with an external oscilloscope. The RD-301 is connected to the unit-under-test (UUT) by one serialized coaxial cable, waveguide coupler and dummy load. The Test Set can respond to radar interrogation pulse widths of 50 ns to 30 s in a frequency range of 9295 MHz to 9500 MHz. The capabilities of the RD-301 include testing the following:

    Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)
    IF System
    Sensitivity and Contour
    Range Accuracy/Dual Target Resolution
    Transmitter Peak Pulse Power

Transmitter Frequency and PRF The RD-30 tracking signal generator system enables the Test Set to automatically acquire and track the transmitter frequency. This basic feature eliminates the need for constant retuning to compensate for transmitter or signal generator drift. Measurement of the transmitter frequency or PRF is shown on the Digital Display. Video Detector and frequency discriminator output connectors allow a check of transmitter pulse shape and spectral characteristics. A rF mode allows signal generator frequency offset for AFC centering tests, and receiver IF bandwidth measurements. Power Measurement Peak pulse power measurements are shown on the Panel Meter with a full scale sensitivity of up to 12 kW (or up to 120 kW peak with external 10 dB attenuator). Range of operation is from 1 kW to 12 kW. Test Set will operate down to 100 W.

Range Accuracy/Range Reply Delay/Dual Target Resolution The RD-301 Test Set is capable of providing two totally separate simulated replies in dynamic amplitudes. Range 1 reply delay can be set from 0.1. to 999.9 in either micro-seconds ( s) or Nautical Miles (NM). This permits precision testing of range accuracy and receiver sensitivity. The Test Set has the capability of generating 1 through 5 equidistant range rings. The second range reply (providing the Dual Target Resolution capability) is selectable with a variable amplitude of 0 – 59 dB relative to Range 1 reply. Range 2 reply delay can be set from 0.2 to 999.9. The actual Range 2 reply delay is nominally 0.4 s grater than the selected value. This second reply can be generated in response to all transmitter pulses or alternate transmitter pulses. In Auto mode, Reply 1 will respond to narrow pulses and Reply 2 will respond to wide pulses. IF System Provides a means to align and test radar IF systems through hookup to IF OUT Connector (9). The IF signal generator covers a frequency range of 20 to 70 MHz and is capable of being swept over a 4 MHz span. The high level IF output (2 volts rms max.) can be used for high level IF or AFC testing. Bandwidths and center frequencies are measured by the Marker frequency generator during swept frequency tests. Sensitivity and Contour Sensitivity of radar UUT can be determined. Also, receiver color and intensity responses can be checked. Utilizing contour mode of Test Set to check contour is done by means or an additional 0 to 20 dB amplitude post over selected output level. This provides for rapid calibration and checking of contour threshold circuits.

Other Capabilities The RD-301 can also determine threshold measurements for the different video levels, transmitter pulse width measurements, Sensitivity Time Constraint (STC) measurements, magnetron pushing measurements, Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) centering and Minimum Discernible Signal (MDS).

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