Agilent E4420B

Agilent E4420B

Agilent E4420B


Agilent E4420B


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Agilent E4420B

Signal Generator 250kHz-2000MHz

The Agilent E4420B RF signal generator offers excellent performance with superior quality, reliability and worldwide support. The first in a new generation of signal generators, it provides excellent frequency and level control, and wide analog modulation capabilities. It is ideally suited to meet the demanding requirements of today's receiver test, component test and local oscillator applications.

Flexible architecture, upgrade paths for options
Choice of electronic or mechanical attenuator
Superior level accuracy
Wideband FM and Phase Modulation, AM and Pulse Modulation
Step sweep (frequency, power and list)
Built-in function generator

Option OB1 = Adds extra manual set
Option OBV = Adds service documentation, component level
Option OBW = Adds service documentation, assembly level
Option OBX = Adds service documentation, assembly and component level
Option 1CM = Adds rack mount kit, part number 5063-9214
Option 1CN = Adds front handle kit, part number 5063-9227
Option 1CP = Adds rack mount kit with handles, part number 5063-9221
Option 1E5 = Adds high-stability timebase
Option 1E6 = High-performance pulse modulation
Option 1EM = Moves all front panel connectors to rear panel
Option UN5 = Adds multichannel IS-95 CDMA personality
Option UN7 = Adds internal bit-error-rate analyzer
Option UN8 = Adds real-time I/Q baseband generator with TDMA standards and 1 Mbit of RAM
Option UN9 = Adds 7 Mbits of RAM to Option UN8
Option 100 = Adds multichannel W-CDMA personality
Option 101= Adds multichannel cdma2000 personality
Option 200 = Adds real-time 3GPP W-CDMA personality
Option 201 = Adds real-time cdma2000 personality
Option 202 = EDGE personality for Real-Time BB generator
Option 300 = Base station BERT extension for Option UN7 (internal bit-error-rate analyzer)
Option 404 = Signal Studio for 1xEV-DO
Option 406 = Signal Studio for Bluetooth
Option UNA = Alternate timeslot power level control
Option UNB = Adds higher power with mechanical attenuator
Option UND = Adds internal dual arbitrary waveform generator
Option H99 = Improves ACP performance for TETRA, CDMA, and W-CDMA

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