Agilent N5230A-025

Agilent N5230A-025

Agilent N5230A-025


Agilent N5230A-025


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Agilent N5230A-025

Network Analyzer 300 kHz to 6 GHz PNA-L Vector Network Analyzer, 2 port enhanced

The HP-Agilent N5230A PNA-L vector network analyzer provides the best combination of speed and accuracy for measuring multi-port and balanced components such as filters, duplexers and RF modules up to 20 GHz. The N5230A's automatic port extension feature automatically measures and corrects for fixtures, making measurements of in-fixture devices simple and accurate. The configurable test set provides access to the signal path between the internal source and the analyzer's test ports. This option provides the capability to improve instrument sensitivity for measuring low-level signals, to reverse the directional coupler to achieve even more dynamic range or to add components or other peripheral instruments for a variety of applications such as high-power measurements. The extended power range adds a 60 dB step attenuator internally to the RF source path. This attenuator extends the source output power range to over 80 dB, allowing for maximum flexibility when stimulating the device under test.

300 kHz up to 6GHz
Fast measurements less than 4 to 9 μs per point
Low trace noise as low as 0.004 dB rms at 1 kHz bandwidth
High dynamic range up to 108 dB at 20 GHz
2-Port and 4-Port models
122dB dynamic range at 6GHz
<4.5uS per point measurement speed
< 0.0001 dB of trace noise at 1 kHz IFBW
Windows-based operation provides flexible measurement displays and the ability to import trace data and screen images to Microsoft Excel or Word for post-processing
RF input connector 3.5mm(M) 50ohm
Integrated S-parameter test set with four receivers for true TRL calibration
Standard two port test set with extended power range

N5230A Option 025 Features:
Frequency Range - 300 KHz to 6 GHz
Test Ports- 2
Reference Receivers- 2
Connector- 3.5 mm Male
Test Set- Configurable - See more at:

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