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BMI-Dranetz 3030A-P301-P302-P303-P304

BMI-Dranetz  3030A-P301-P302-P303-P304

BMI-Dranetz  3030A-P301-P302-P303-P304


BMI-Dranetz 3030A-P301-P302-P303-P304


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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

BMI 3030A-P301-P302-P303-P304

BMI-Dranetz 3030A AC Power Profiler

Three phase AC PowerProfiler measures RMS voltage, RMS current, true power factor (W),apparent power (VA), true power factor (PF), displacement power factor(dPF), reactive power (VAR), total harmonic distortion (THD voltage and current), voltage imbalance, current imbalance, and frequency. (Also sold as Dranetz 3030A Supplied with voltage leads. Requires current clamps. (see below) for current or power measurements. Requires consumable thermal paper BMI-S-201. Requires Current Transformers(CT's). See below for current or power measurements. - See more at:

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Test Equipment Connection

The Worlds Largest Distributor of New, Refurbished, and Second Hand Electronic Test and Measurement (T&M) Equipment.

Lake Mary, Florida, USA

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