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JDSU JDSU ANT5-4565-10

JDSU JDSU ANT5-4565-10

JDSU JDSU ANT5-4565-10


JDSU JDSU ANT5-4565-10


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JDSU ANT5-4565-10

Consists of: 4565/10 : SDH/PDH Access Tester Package Handle data analyser SDH/PDH STM1/4e/o, FC/PC, 1310nm optical input, colot TFT.

The ANT-5 offers three operation modes to cover all necessary field applications, including instrusive, non-intrusive, and monitoring modes. An important feature is the ECL/NRZ port for monitoring optical circuits at electrical monitor poinst provided by network elements (STM-1/-4/-16).

* Smallest and lightest test solution (only 2.2kg) for interfaces from 1.544 Mbps up to 2.5 Gbps.
* Optical testting at dual wavelengths from STM-1/OC-3 up to STM-16/OC-48.
* Electrical testing at DS1,E1,E3,DS3,E4,STM-0, and STM-1/OC-3
* Full anaylsis of concatentated mappings with SDH/SONET signals
* In-depth PDH analysis with a Sa bit generation and flexible mux/demux test configuration
* Optical power measurements for verification of physical layer integrity
* ATM functionality for service verification of ATM, 3G, and UMTS networks (provided via T-carrier,PDH,SDH, or SONET)
* In- line Monitor and Intrusive Thru Modes for traffic analysis and network testing
* ECL/NRZ port enables non-instrusive direct monitoring of optical networks

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