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Wavetek 3SRV

Sweep Receiver Wavetek 3SRV

Wavetek 3SRV Stealth Sweep CATV Meter Overview :

The Wavetek Stealth System Sweep Receiver performs essential cable TV system Preventive Maintenance Tests with accuracy and ease using a Broad Scope of Measurement Capabilities :

Signal levels, Tilt, Scan, Hum & C/N (while in service), Depth of Video Modulation and In-Channel Frequency Response can be quickly tested without subscriber interference.

In no time at all Technitians are up and running Stealth's full range of tests with unprecedented speeds. The Stealth Receiver 3SRV updates in less than one second for up to 200 points of response data.

Frequency response is tested by injecting a sweep signal in vacant spectrum areas, and monitoring cable system carrier levels in occupied spectrum areas.

In addition to generating the sweep test signal, the Model 3ST Sweep Transmitter continuously monitors the system carriers and while monitoring these carriers, the 3ST immediately sends any headend level variations to the Stealth Receiver 3SRV.

Sweep response measurement won't be effected by signal levels changing in the headend.

The Model 3SRV Stealth Receiver, in addition to it's sweep reception duties, conducts a battery of signal level measurements, including a full scan of the cable spectrum from 5MHz up to 1GHz.

A proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) technique is used to measure Hum and Carrier to Noise on modulated carriers.

The Model 3ST Stealth Transmitter has all of the measurement capability of the Stealth Receiver, so that the Headend Technitian can keep an eye on the headend levels.

The 3SRV Receiver is a full-featured Signal Analysis Meter, with a complete Spectrum Analyzer Display and an analog representation of Single Channel Measurement Data.

The 3SRV Receiver is a streamlined, hand-held instrument, that weighs less than five pounds.

Its High Resolution 320 X 240 dot matrix LCD shows easy to read Signal Level Measurement Data in both graphical and numerical form with Comprehensive Level Display which includes battery charge condition indicators as well.

When tuned to a specific channel, a comprehensive set of information is provided : Tuned Channel, Video Frequency and level, audio frequency and level, the difference between video and audio carrier levels with a Continuously Referenced Non-Interfering Sweep Frequency Response.

The Stealth Reverse Sweep Option solves reverse alignment and test problems by incorporating a comprehensive reverse sweep test capability into the same equipment that performs the forward sweep.

The Reverse Option's built in transmitter activates a reverse sweep from a field test point by communicating with the rack mounted Stealth 3ST Transmitter.

Receiving the telemetry signal, the headend 3ST identifies the 3SRV unit, the frequencies being swept,and the timing information.

The headend transmitter measures the sweep and sends the results with other pertinent data via it's telemetry signal to the receiver in the field.

The field 3SRV Receiver then displays the headend sweep response on it's high resolution LCD display screen.

This means no extra rack space is required, as it uses the forward sweep transmitter to receive the reverse sweep. One hand held instrument in the field does both the forward and reverse sweep tasks, eliminating the need to carry multiple boxes.

The reverse option has the capability to sweep return with up to 250kHz resolution, ensuring that no response problems are overlooked.

The Durable, Water Resistant Receiver Can Be Used In The Rain, Features Excellent Signal Level Accuracy Over A Wide Temperature Range, and Automated 24 Hour FCC Proof Measurements.

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