Ameritec 404e-400

Ameritec 404e-400

Ameritec 404e-400


Ameritec 404e-400


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Ameritec 404e-400

Digital E1 Tester

The Model 404e measures the actual E1 frequency and level to verify basic signaling integrity.

Digital Tester:
The digital test functionality of the Model 404 allows a wide range of testing on framed or unframed 1.544Mbps T1 circuits. Two TX/RX ports are provided in order to allow bidirectional drop and insert testing. The unit can terminate the line (simultaneous pattern generation and pattern measurement) or monitor the line for BERT patterns, ABCD bit status, and SLC® 96 alarm maintenance and message decode. The Model 404 is compatible with unframed PCM as well as D4 and ESF framing with B8ZS or AMI encoding.

Enhanced Digital (optional):
With the Enhanced Digital option, a T1 telephone is added with dial, talk & listen capability on any user selected T1 voice channel. The Enhanced Digital option provides VF testing of any user selected channel including voiceband level, frequency, noise and return loss. Real-time error counters are augmented by histograms so that the distribution of errors during a test can be studied. The Enhanced Digital option augments the standard patterns with 5 user programmed long patterns which can be as short as 1 byte or as long as 128 bytes. Finally, the Enhanced Digital option provides a graphical display of pulse shape with the G.703 or a user set table Mask. T1 Physical Layer Testing The Model 404 measures the actual T1 frequency and level to verify basic signaling integrity.

Error Display:
Real time error counters of framing, code, logical and CRC errors are kept for the duration of the test. Individual error type displays can be accessed each showing errored seconds, error free seconds, degraded minutes and other pertinent G.821 data.

Datacom (optional):
Extensive pattern generation and detection with G.821 bit error rate reporting are provided. V.35 RS232, RS449 and EIA530 interfaces are provided in the Model 404. Errors can be injected into the data one bit at time or in bursts. The Model 404-400 also reports the presence of both Transit and Receive clocks to make troubleshooting fast and easy.
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