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Agilent 83711A

Agilent 83711A


Agilent 83711A


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Agilent-Keysight 83711A

Synthesized CW Generator 1 to 20 GHz

The HP 83711A/12A and HP 83711B/12B synthesized CW generators have different frequency ranges. The HP 83711A/11B has a frequency range of 1 to 20 GHz, and the HP 83712A/12B has a frequency range of 10 MHz to 20 GHz.
The Agilent Technologies 83711A signal generator is an electronic instrument that generates repeating electronic signals. It contains an electronic oscillator, a circuit that is capable of creating a repetitive waveform.


    High performance microwave CW generator.
    Frequency range 1 to 20 GHz bandwidth, 1 Hz frequency resolution.
    Output power: 1 to 18 GHz +10 dBm, 18 to 20 GHz +8 dBm.


    1E1 Add 90 dB Output Step Attenuator
    1E5 High Stability Timebase
    1E8 1 Hz Frequency Resolution
    1E9 3.5 mm Output Conn

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