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Agilent E4407B-A4H-AYX-B72-BAA

Agilent E4407B-A4H-AYX-B72-BAA

Agilent E4407B-A4H-AYX-B72-BAA


Agilent E4407B-A4H-AYX-B72-BAA


In-Circuit Testers




Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

Agilent-Keysight E4407B-A4H-AYX-B72-BAA

ESA-E Spectrum Analyzer, 100 Hz to 26.5 GHz



    0.4 dB overall amplitude accuracy
    +16 dBm TOI
    -167 dBm DANL, with internal preamp
    1 Hz narrow resolution bandwidth (optional)

Measurement Applications

    FM Demodulation, Phase Noise, Noise Figure and more view ful list of measurement applications
    Agilent's PowerSuite one-button power measurements included as standard


    Fast delivery and favorably priced, standard express analyzer E4407B-STD, includes options AYX, BAA
    Variable sweep (trace points) from 2 to 8192
    Segmented sweep for up to 32 discontinuous spans in one sweep
    Rugged and portable for lab grade performance in the field


    060 = Reduced emissions
    1AX = RS-232 and Centronics interface
    1D5 = High stability frequency reference
    1D6 = Time-gated spectrum analysis
    1D7 = 50 -75 ohm minimum loss pad(s)
    1DN = Tracking generator
    1DR = Narrow resolution bandwidths
    1DS = Preamp
    A4J = IF and sweep ports
    AYQ = FM demodulation and quasi peak detector
    AYX = Fast time domain sweep
    B7B = TV trigger and picture on screen
    B7D = Digital signal processing and fast ADC
    BAA = FM demodulation
    BAB = APC 3.5 Input Connector
    A4H = GPIB Interface

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