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Teseq-Schaffner NSG-437

Teseq-Schaffner NSG-437

Teseq-Schaffner NSG-437


Teseq-Schaffner NSG-437


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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

Teseq Schaffner NSG437

The NSG437 simulator is designed to sit comfortably in the operator s hand, with current operating conditions constantly displayed and clearly visible. The simulator is ergonomically designed to be held easily for long duration test procedures.

The touch panel display with its keypad for parameter settings shows the precise functional and test data at any moment. All essential functions and actual status are displayed, with user-selectable language for convenient and safe operation worldwide.

Pre-programmed settings for IEC/EN 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605 ensure that the simulator is automatically set up correctly. The menu with last settings automatically comes up again after shut-down of a test sequence.

Thanks to stabilized HV output the NSG 437 ESD simulator comprehensively fulfills virtually all international standard requirements. Based on over 20 optional discharge networks, the NSG 437 can also meet any of today s automotive manufacturers standards.

NSG 437 generates pulses from 200 V to 30 kV, both in air- and contact-discharge operation. The simulator s simple, convenient and safe to use. The whole range of parameter setting possibilities, including polarity selection, counter functions and breakdown detection, remains fully available up to the maximum discharge voltage.

The simulator contains a threshold detector to eliminate faulty discharge counts over its wide operating voltage range. Only valid HV discharges are indicated. When discharges are detected, the counter or preset counter is incremented or decremented respectively - a particularly useful feature for long test runs. The detection feature can be switched off when testing EUT s with non-conductive surfaces, such as plastic housings.

A wide range of discharge networks and tips fulfills the high demand for different test applications and can be exchanged. Completed by a wide selection of rigid and flexible discharge tips, any application is possible. Molded HV discharge networks in solid cases eliminate internally ionization and leakage current effects. Selected combinations of RC components guarantee wave shape parameters to be within tolerances. Discharge network modules with resistance values from zero ohms combined with capacitances up to the nF-range can be simply pushed into place.

Automatic self-calibration of the NSG 437 simulator is performed at every start-up. This procedure runs up to max. voltage in either polarity, thus giving confidence, that test levels are maintained within tolerances.


    Air- and contact-discharge up to 30 kV
    Light version featuring uncompromised test performance
    Compliant with a wide range of standards (IEC, ANSI, SAE, ISO)
    Touch panel display controls
    Easily and quickly interchangeable network modules
    Wide range of accessories (HV networks, tips, adapters)

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