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Rohde & Schwarz ZVK

A versatile test set for universal use the ZVK analyzers are compact instruments with integrated generator, two reference and two receiver channels and a bidirectional test set. This can be extended by attenuators with integrated switches in the generator and receiver paths. With this configuration the ZVK offers direct access to all reference and receiver channels. This concept makes ZVK well equipped for complex test setups, for example for bidirectional measurements on power amplifiers. Fundamental mixing concept ZVK has two independent synthesizers for the generator and the receiver. In the receiver sections, fundamental mixing is used up to high frequencies to provide the excellent dynamic range and outstanding selectivity, enabling straightforward measurements on frequency-converting DUTs or DUTs with extremely high selectivity. Powerful and highly precise Special calibration techniques- the ZVK features modern calibration techniques patented by Rohde&Schwarz that allow full two-port calibration using fewer or only partially known standards. This simplifies the design of calibration standards used for example in test fixtures or on wafers. Thus calibration in non-coaxial systems can be performed with a minimum of effort at maximum accuracy and dynamic range. Embedding and de-embedding of virtual networks, CAE software The Virtual Embedding Networks option enables virtual embedding of arbitrary linear two-port networks into the test setup. The required data (*.S1P, *.S2P, *.S4P, *.flp) are obtained from a measurement of the existing network or generated by CAE tools from the theoretical model. In tests of components that have to be matched to a given impedance, the matching network can thus be taken into account through mathematical algorithms of ZVM and ZVK instead of using the physical network. This method guarantees high accuracy, ideal reproducibility and maximum reliability without any loss of speed - great advantages especially in production. Conversely, by de-embedding, the influence of a known network can be eliminated. The S-parameters of a chip can be analyzed,? compensating for the effects of its housing and bonding leads through? de-embedding. Time-domain measurements By transforming? measurement data from the frequency to the time domain, discontinuities or impedances along the DUT can be displayed as a function of DUT length. With a maximum number of 2001 points, ZVM and ZVK can measure even very long DUTs with high resolution. Five filters allow the location of a discontinuity and the sidelobe suppression to be determined with optimum resolution. The S-parameters of a given discontinuity can be displayed in the time domain by setting a window (gating). An additional processor module included in the corresponding option accelerates data.

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The Worlds Largest Distributor of New, Refurbished, and Second Hand Electronic Test and Measurement (T&M) Equipment.

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