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Advantest R3162

Base Frequency: 9 KHz Max Frequency: 3 GHz
Spectrum Analyzer; 9 kHz to 8GHz

The R3132/3132N/3162 are a low-cost implementation of the key performance of a portable spectrum analyzer manu-factured to address a variety of mea-surement.

Built around a newly developed direct digital synthesizer, the spectrum analyz-ers offer a frequency span accuracy of 1% or less in frequency ranges of 9 kHz to 3 GHz (R3132/3132N), and 9 kHz to 8 GHz (R3162). The built-in auto-calibration feature assures an over-all level accuracy of 1.5 dB. Dramatically enhanced distortion characteristics of a 1 dB gain compression point of 0 dBm input, a second-order harmonic distor-tion of -80 dBc, and a two-signal third-order intermodulation distortion of -80 dBc make measurement in a 117 dB broad dynamic range possible. The new synthesized local oscillator enables the R3132/3132N/3162 to speed up sweep time, updating as many as 20 traces per second.

This capability makes for more real-time waveform observation.
The R3132/ 3132N/3162 personal spectrum analyzers are designed to fit into a broader range of applications than before.


Reinforced basic functions
Basic functions are reinforced so that R3132/3132N/3162 can be used in various fields.
For example, the internal automatic calibration function guarantees the total level accuracy of +/-1.5 dB, level correction factor can be stored in the internal memory, DDS is employed to improve frequency reading accuracy, and frequency span error is lowered to less than 1%.
As a result of increasing the sweep repetition cycles by improving the synthesized local oscillator, 20 cycle/s (typ.) of trace data rewriting becomes possible, enabling far more real-time waveform measurement.
High speed GPIB increase, the throughput of automatic measurement, thus saving valuable time.
Abundant measurement functions
For EMI precompliance measurement, 6-dB bandwidth filters for 9 kHz, 120 kHz and 1 MHz as well as QP detector are equipped as standard.
Optional 200 Hz narrow band-pass filter can be added.
For high-speed time domain measurement function which is indispensable for mobile communications, optional 50 Micros sweep is effective.
For power measurement, AVE. POWER and TOTAL POWER processing functions are provided.
Counter function, ACP, OBW, dBc/Hz, %AM and many other functions are provided for various measurement purposes.
The internal preamplifier is equipped as standard.
Even for signals which are lower in level than the average noise level, the preamplifier ensures level calibrated, high-accuracy measurement.
For measuring the attenuation characteristic of filters or the frequency characteristic of cables, etc., built-in type tracking generator is available as option.
Because the output level can be set in a wide range, it is possible to measure amplifier gain, frequency response, etc.
Easy-operation interface
The high-resolution, 6.5-inch TFT color LCD realizes display of data. Display data is output through the VGA video output on the rear panel and can be output to external monitor.
Measured waveform data and set values can recalled from the internal memory. Using the which is equipped as standard, you can manage measurement data. Text data or BMP data on floppy useful for making documents on the personal computer.
As the hard-copy function is adapted to ESC/ PCL, measured data can be printed out on printers.
GPIB and RS232 are equipped as standard.
Compact, lightweight design
This product features a new frame design making it more compact (approximately 424 (W) x 177 (H) and 300 (D) mm) and lighter (about 14kg).
In particular, the short depth of 300mm and allows more effective utilization of the work space.
A panel cover is supplied as standard to prevent damage to the analyzer while carrying or moving it.

OPT.20- High-stability frequency reference
OPT.27- Narrow-band resolution bandwidths
OPT.29- Time-domain high-speed sweeps
OPT.74- Tracking generator (100 kHz-3.0 GHz) - See more at:

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