Samsung SM411

Samsung SM411

Samsung SM411


Samsung SM411


Pick and Place/Feeders

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Device Name: Samsung SM411, Samsung SM411 Mater, Second-hand Samsung SM411 Mater
Equipment Profile:
The SM411 uses the Samsung Patent On The Fly identification method and the double cantilever structure to achieve the chip component 42,000 CPH and SOP component 30. The 000 CPH(IPC9850 standard) has the world's fastest patch speed among similar products. Moreover, it can also implement high-precision patches of 50 microns at high speeds, so that patches can be implemented from the minimum 0402 chip to the maximum #14mm IC component.
Double parallel, PCB time 0 seconds.
Very low material loss rate: 2 per 10,000
Samsung's unique Flight Vision
Automatic position recognition function of feed element
Advanced flat line structure
Anti-static ESD suction mouthpiece
New non-stop feeder
PM Manager Management Function
IPC9850 standard can be affixed 42,000 CPH(Chip 1608)
Double Arm Drive System(12 mount heads)
In-flight pair recognition image system
Y-axis dual servo motor drive system
Bilateral standard feeder base
Can install 120 8mm belt feeders
Benchmark recognition camera
Automatic sucker replacement device
15 "Color LCD
1.0) Double rail transmission system
1.1) Automatic adjustment of guide rail width
1.2) PCB edge clamping device
1.3) Feed Process Tracking Sensor
1.4) Windows XP operating system
1.5) Automatic Optimization of Sequence and Feed Sorting
1.6) A set of standard mouthpieces
Samsung SM411 parameter
Yeah, medium flight vision.
Number of Spindles 6 Spindles x 2 Gantry
Slip speed flight vision Chip 1608
SOP 42,000 CPH(IPC9850)
30,000 CPH(IPC9850)
Mounting accuracy Chip ± 50? @3 σ / Chip
(Basic on the stack chips)
Narrow spacing mounted 0.1 mm(0603) / 0.15 mm(1005)
Components range from 0603 ~ #14mm Chip, QFP, BGA
(Selected: 0402 Plase control us. The more information will be available upon year rest. )
Minimum pin spacing(QFP)
Minimum spherical spacing(BGA) 0.5 mm(QFP) / 0.65 mm(BGA)
Maximum height H = 12mm
Board size(mm) minimum 50(L) x 40(W)
Max 510(L) x 460
(Single Lane Mode, 460(L) Excess: No Buffer)
460(L) x 250(W)(Dual Lane Mode)
610(L) x 460/250(W)
PCB thickness 0.38 mm ~ 4.2 mm
Number of feeders 120ea / 112ea(feed exchanger)
Energy consumption AC200/208/240 / 380/415 V(50/60 Hz, 3 Phase)
Max. 5.0 kVA
Gas consumption 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa(5.1 ~ 7.1 kgf/cm2), 300N? / min
Weight 1,820 kg
Profile size(mm) 1,650(L) x 1,690(D) x 1,535(H)

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