Juki JX-350

Juki JX-350

Juki JX-350


Juki JX-350


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KingFei SMT Tech

A JUKI high-speed patch machine JX-350 prototype and JUKI long substrate high-speed patch machine JX-350 are available for sale. They are most suitable for LED lighting machines or LED patch machines for medium and large LCD backlight production.            JUKI High Speed Mounter JX-350 Features:            Chip Components: 32,000 CPH (Optimum Conditions)            Element Size: Laser Recognition: 0603-33.5mm Square Element with Side Length            Laser mounting head x 1 (6 suction nozzles)            JUKI realizes high precision, high quality and high performance production with boastful laser recognition technology            Improving Mounting Quality by Component Confirmation Function            The screw suction nozzle * is used for interactive suction, which can realize high-speed mounting of large components with a diameter of 25mm.            High-precision mounting of astigmatism hood is realized.            Can correspond to the industry's largest size of 1,500 mm            Production of Long Size Substrate            Corresponding to various feeding methods            Correspondence by selection            JUKI long substrate high speed mounter JX-350 laser recognition specialty:            JUKI provides unique technical support for the indispensable quality of future high density mounting            High Precision and High Speed Mounting            Unified Recognition of High Speed Mobility            The mounting head is equipped with a high resolution laser sensor, which can recognize the position and angle by reading the shadows formed by the laser irradiating elements. In order to realize high-speed and high-precision mounting of chip components and SOP and other small components, uniform recognition is carried out in the shortest distance to the mounting position.            high stability            Strong recognition ability for component deviation            Laser recognition mainly captures the shape of components from the front and side, which can reduce the influence of unstable factors such as the shape and color of the electrodes of chip components and ensure stable and high-precision recognition.            Reduce undesirable rate            Improving mounting quality by means of component inspection function            Laser recognition can be used to monitor the absorption of components through the screen before mounting, which can prevent the improper mounting of micro components that can not be identified by air pressure. Advanced function of inspection of component's return condition and upright film after mounting can reduce bad mounting.

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