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Panasonic placement machine CM602, CM602-L high-speed module placement machine, CM602 placement machine not only used the original module of Panasonic placement machine CM402, but also added a 12-nozzle high-speed head and a direct suction tray as needed. The function of the original 8-nozzle high-speed placement head has been expanded, and the 3-nozzle multi-function head with pressure control function has made it possible to achieve as many as 10 different module combinations, which in a real sense is modularized, allowing Customers can mix and match at will.

Panasonic high-speed placement machine cm602 parameters:
Model name CM602-L
Model NM-EJM8A
Substrate size L 50 mm × W 50 mm ~ L 510 mm × W 460 mm
High-speed placement head 12 nozzles
Mounting speed 100 000 cph (0.036 s/chip)
Mounting accuracy ±40 μm/chip (Cpk ≧1)
Component size 0402 chip *5 ~ L 12 mm × W 12 mm × T 6.5 mm
Universal placement head LS 8 nozzles
Mounting speed 75 000 cph (0.048 s/chip)
Mounting accuracy ±40 μm/chip, ±35 μm/QFP ≧ □24 mm, ±50 μm/QFP <□24 mm (Cpk ≧1)
Component size 0402 chip *5~L 32 mm × W 32 mm × T 8.5 mm *8
General-purpose Ver.5 option 0402 chip *5~L 100 mm × W 50 mm × T 15 mm *6
Multi-function placement head 3 nozzles
Mounting speed 20 000 cph (0.18 s/QFP)
Mounting accuracy ±35 μm/QFP (Cpk ≧1)
Component size 0603 chip ~ L 100 mm × W 90 mm × T 25 mm *7
Substrate replacement time m0.9 s (under the best conditions when the substrate length is 240 mm or less)
Power Three-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480 V, 4.0 kVA
Air pressure source*1m 0.49 MPa, 170 L/min (A.N.R.)
Equipment size mW 2 350 mm × D 2 290 mm *2 × H 1 430 mm *3
Weight*4m3 400 kg

Panasonic placement machine CM602, CM602-L high-speed module placement machine Features:
1. The XY axis adopts the latest linear motor, which provides the strongest power for CM602.
2. New designs and materials are adopted for the sports arm beam and head, which not only reduces the weight, but also greatly strengthens the rigidity, making it more stable during the movement.
3. The movement of X Y axis adopts high speed and low vibration design.
4. The linear motor adopts a new cooling design scheme, which can cool faster and more effectively than other equipment using linear motors under high-speed motion, ensuring the operating efficiency of the motor and increasing its life.
5 or 7 kinds of racks can correspond to all the tape packaging components from 8mm to 104mm. It is the most versatile and widely applicable equipment in the industry. And according to customer needs, a new 8mm single-material rack has been added.
6. During operation, rack exchange, overall exchange trolley design, overall exchange support pin design, etc. can greatly improve equipment operation efficiency and model switching time.
7. While improving production efficiency, the mature design of CM402 is used in software, hardware and operation to ensure the interchangeability with CM402.

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