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Fuji NXT/AIM/XPF Intelligent Feeder

Fuji NXT/AIM/XPF Intelligent Feeder

Fuji NXT/AIM/XPF Intelligent Feeder


Fuji NXT/AIM/XPF Intelligent Feeder


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Texas, USA

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Tekmart International Inc.

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Pre-Owned & Production-Ready Fuji NXT AIM XPF Feeders
Serviced & Tested. Hassle-free Warranty with Every Feeder.
All feeders are fully disassembled with all moving parts cleaned and lubricated. After the feeders are re-assembled, they are tested extensively on OEM test jigs by our in-house engineers. Large and small manufacturers all over the world count on us to supply production-ready feeders at a budget-friendly cost.

4mm: W04b - KT4BC, KT4BL
8mm: W8 - KT08A, KT08B, KT08C, KT08D, KT08E
8mm: W08c - KT8BC, KT8BE
8mm: W08b - KT8BB, KT8BE, KT8BL, KT8BC
8mm: W08f - KT8FL
12mm: W12 - KT12, KT12A, KT12B, KT12C
12mm: W12c - KT12B, KT12C, KT12L
12mm: W12f - KT12B, KT12C, KT12F
16mm: W16 - KT16A, KT16C, KT16L
16mm: W16c - KT16A, KT16C, KT16L
24mm: W24 - KT24A, KT24C, KT24L
24mm: W24c - KT24A, KT24C, KT24L
32mm: W32 - KT32A, KT32C, KT32L
32mm: W32c - KT32A, KT32C, KT32L
44mm: W44 - KT44A, KT44C
44mm: W44c - KT44A, KT44C, KT44L
56mm: W56 - KT56C
72mm: W72 - KT72A, KT72L
88mm: W88 - KT88A, KT88L

For deep pocket models or sizes not listed here, please contact us.

Company Information:

Tekmart is a global supplier of quality secondhand SMT/Thru-Hole & Test equipment to the electronic manufacturing industry.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  • Phone +1 (416) 385-1956

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