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Yamaha Yamaha YG100R mounter

Yamaha Yamaha YG100R  mounter

Yamaha Yamaha YG100R  mounter


Yamaha Yamaha YG100R mounter


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Yamaha YG100R high speed chip

High precision and high speed modular mounter

High resolution digital multi vision camera with high performance servo system based on high rigidity and dual drive

Original multi precision correction system multi language display (Chinese / English / Japanese / Korean)

8 multi function mounting head

Automatic air jet cleaning, automatic adjustment of transmission width, automatic adjustment of mounting surface height

Base plate size ා 01 basic (host only): L460 × w440mm (max) ~ L50 × W50mm (min)

Substrate thickness / substrate weight

0.4mm-3.0mm/0.65kg conveyor direction / belt reference

Right → left (option: left → right) / front (option: rear)

Mounting accuracy

When using standard components for internal evaluation

Accuracy (μ + 3 σ): ± 0.05mm/chip, ± 0.05mm/qfp

When using standard components

Repeatability (3 σ): ± 0.03mm/chip, ± 0.03mm/qfp

Mounting speed

Condition 0.15 sec / chip

Type and quantity of components

96 (max, converted by 8mm tape)

Component supply configuration

Belt tray, bulk, rod, tray

Components that can be mounted

Chip components, SOP / SOJ, QFP, connector, PLCC, CSP / BGA

0402 ~ □ 31mm components

Long connector (l100mm × w31mm) → □ 31type multi vision camera

0603 ~ □ 45mm components

Long connector (l100mm × w45mm) → □ 45type multi vision camera

The allowable height of the upper part of the substrate before transmission is less than 4mm, and the components with a height of 15mm can be mounted

Power specifications

Three phase AC 200 / 208 / 220 / 240 / 380 / 400 / 416v ± 10% 50 / 60Hz

Average power consumption

72kw (main engine only), with dYTF:0.90KW . attached with ATS: 0.96kw, using ATS at the same time+ dYTF:0.98KW

The supply air source is above 0.55mpa, and the air is clean and dry

Consumption of traffic is limited to main engine & attached with sats & attached wATS:140-/min (ANR) (standard operation time), attached dYTF:220-/min (ANR) (standard operating time)

Overall dimension / host weight

L1650 × w1562 × h1850mm / about 1630kg (main engine only)

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