Quad MV-100

Quad MV-100

Quad MV-100


Quad MV-100


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New Hampshire, USA

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Precision Placement Machines, Inc.

The MV-100 uses production-proven technology. It is fitted with sophisticated menu-driven control software for fast set-up and ease of use, making it one of the most user-friendly printers available. The tooling system is SMEMA compliant and will provide the most densely populated, double sided PCBs.

The MV-100 represents fine pitch printing and provides accuracy, repeatability and reliability in the most demanding surface mount applications. With an stablished reputation for being a solid dependable solder past printer, it also exemplifies a strong Vision System Technology. The Vision System is controlled simply and effectively by on-screen menus and a light pen.

  • Menu-driven control software for fast set-up and ease of use.
  • SMEMA compliant tooling system. 
  • Compact footprint with 0.4mm ultra-fine pitch capability.
  • Advanced Vision Alignment: adjustable from 3 x 4mm to 8 x 6mm.
  • Print Area:400 x 450mm (15.7 x 17.7in) twin squeegee or 420 x 450mm (16.5 x 17.7in) single squeegee
  • Upgrade Options Available: Screen frame adaptors, Power-driven vision alignment, Host management system, Underside stencil/screen cleaning.system, Underside stencil/screen cleaning.

Company Information:

Precision Placement Machines, Inc.

Specializing in Quad/Tyco... Buyer and Seller of Used, New and Re-built Circuit Board Assembly Equipment, Screen Printers, Pick & Place, Reflow Ovens, Spare Parts, Feeders, Dispensing, Depaneling

Fremont, New Hampshire, USA

Equipment Dealer / Broker / Auctions, Manufacturer, Manufacturer's Representative

  • Phone 603-895-5112
  • Fax 603-895-5113

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