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Fuji AIM Placement Machine (2008) sold Fuji AIM Placement Machine (2008)

Fuji AIM Placement Machine (2008) has been sold

Fuji AIM Placement Machine (2008)

Fuji AIM Placement Machine (2008)


Fuji AIM Placement Machine (2008)


Pick and Place/Feeders

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Texas, USA

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Tekmart International Inc.

Fuji AIM Placement Machine (2008)

Brand: Fuji
Model: AIM
Year: 2008
Type: Placement machine
Lane: Single
Feeders: Bucket type
Head config: H08/H04/H01/H01
Tray module: MTU-L
Machine dimensions LxWxH: 1712mm x 2253mm, H: 1530mm
Machine weight: 2,300 Kg

Machine specifications:

PCB size: Max, 508 x 356mm, Min, 50 x 50mm
PCB thickness: 0.3 to 6.0mm (including options)
Feeder capacity: Up to 180 types (8mm tape)
PCB loading time: 5.0 sec.
Placing accuracy: Chips, other small parts: 0.050mm (3 sigma Four side leaded: 0,0030mm (3 Sigma)

H12HS head : 17,000
H04 head : 6,500
H08 head : 10,500
H01 head : 4,500

Applicable parts:
H12HS : 0402 (01005) to 7.5 x 7.5mm Max Height : 3.0mm
H08 : 0402 (01005) to 12 x12 mm Max Height : 6.5 mm
H04 : 1608 (0603) to 38 x 38 mm Max Height : 9.5 mm
H01 : 1608 (0603) to 74 x 74mm (32mm x 180mm) Max Height : 25.4mm

Machine description:

The Fuji AIM board assembler is designed specifically for the High Mix/Low Volume and prototyping environments. It provides 180 feeder inputs, a placement range from 01005 components thru 74mm square. The AIM will accommodate components supplied on Tape & Reel, Strip Tape, Stick, and Matrix Trays. The platform features 4 interchangeable placement heads mounted on two gantries that allow the user to reconfigure the machine from a chip shooter, to flexible placer, or a combination of both in just minutes, providing true scalability to meet your specific production requirements. Matrix tray units can also be added or removed in just seconds allowing the machine to adapt to a wide variety of assembly configurations. No longer do you waste time and money by poorly utilizing your board assembly equipment. Simply change a placement head and the machine is reconfigured to exactly fit your production needs.

Company Information:

Tekmart International Inc.

Tekmart is a global supplier of quality secondhand SMT/Thru-Hole & Test equipment to the electronic manufacturing industry.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  • Phone +1 (416) 385-1956

Tekmart International Inc. website

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