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Universal Instruments (3) GSM1, DEK 265GS, BTU VIP70

Universal Instruments (3) GSM1, DEK 265GS, BTU VIP70

Universal Instruments (3) GSM1, DEK 265GS, BTU VIP70


Universal Instruments (3) GSM1, DEK 265GS, BTU VIP70


Turnkey Lines




$ 33000.00


Missouri, USA

Offered by:

CybrSecurity Corporation

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Functional Pre-Owned Complete SMT Assembly Line - Still Operational
   (Subject to prior sell, I am listing this on other venues)

  Up for sale is a full turnkey SMT line and all of it's accessories, of which there are a lot, featuring three Universal GSM1 pick and place machines with flexjet and flex heads, each machine is rated at 10,000 cph.   This was our main production line up until we bought a brand new line last year, it's actually pretty simple to run and has a lot of built in features that make getting a product setup fairly simple.  While these machines are a little older they are actually pretty lightly used for their age.  I've gone to quite a bit of effort to give all the pertinent information I can in this listing, but please feel free to contact me if there is any more information you need.  I'm more than will to work out a demo as well. 8162353856

  This line would make a lot of sense for anyone wanting to be able to do some serious SMT manufacturing on a budget.  I did the the research before we ended up getting a brand new line for... well a whole lot..., and a comparable line with newer used equipment would cost at least $200K.   These are just old enough that the SMT dealers don't want them (though some are still selling them), but are recent and robust enough that they can still give you some serious output, and these pick and place machines can place anything the newer machine can with the exception of tiny parts like 0201s and smaller, they can actually place bigger parts than most the newer equipment.  (Truth be told if you wanted to invest in some add-ons, Universal has a whitepaper on how to get these to place 0201 chips, but if your serious about placing those you probably want something more expensive.)  If you have a particular part you need placed I'd be glad to evaluate it and even do a test placement if you'd like.

   I'm started the listing at $60K but have dropped it down to try and get a quick sale, we'd like to get these moved and clear some space.  I do have some room to move on price, so especially after the listing has been up for a while I'll listen to reasonable offers.  For their capabilities this is an excellent price, but we realize that older equipment is going to come with issues, and we are selling these "as-is" and "where-is" so hence the low price.  We will have to charge sales tax unless you can provide the appropriate documents showing you are exempt.

    Shipping will be the buyers responsibility, we can help move the machines around, but we will not be responsible for how they are loaded.  It will take a full 53' semi to move everything we're offering so the truck should be able to go straight from point to point, which would remove the need for crating, it'll just need to be strapped well.

    All of these models of machines were pretty widely used in the USA, so while parts are likely to be used or repaired they are available.  There are also a handful of techs that still work on these machines at a reasonable rate, I think you can even register them with Universal still, and get what support they offer, but if your buying these your probably on a budget and it does cost to register them.  I have contact information for a tech I found that works on these that we were going to have come out before we decided to sell them, just ask if you'd like it.

   The machines have been in a dry air conditioned facility since we got them 7 years ago.  They have developed a few issues that you may want to address, though one option that we considered would be to reduce the line to two pick and place machines and use one for parts.    The recommendation I made to my boss before we made the decision to sell them was to have a tech come fix them up, the issues don't seem major and can be worked around, I've listed the known chronic issues below.  I can provide the information for the tech we were planning to use who has a lot of experience with these machines, if you like you could even have him check out the machines prior to buying, though my recommendation would be to have him help install and do training for the machines at your location, that way he could get them all calibrated in their new home.

  I have lots more photos and videos, let me know if you'd like access to them.  The line is currently still connected and can be demoed either in person or via video chat.  For those of you familiar with these Universal machines, these are a Q-block.  I'm told they were made around 2000, but there isn't a DOM on the tags.  I was also told these machines were upgraded by Universal in 2005 with a new vision system and ability to take the 42V feeders.

    The line consists of the following equipment:

   (1) DEK 265GS Stencil Printer (1996)
            Includes Autoflex tooling and Under Stencil cleaner w/ Vacuum
   (1) UIC GMS1 w/ Flexjet head w/ 2.6mil on head cameras (~2000)
   (2) UIC GSM1 w/ Flexjet Head w/ 2.6mil on head cameras + High Force head and UL Magellan 2.3mpp Camera (~2000)
            All three machines are fully upgraded (UPS+, running Windows and can use 42V Feeders (More details Below)
        (2) UIC Platform Tray Feeders w/ matching conveyors
        (2) Innovative PCB Cart
        (4) Quick Change feeder Plates
        (1) Feeder test/set up station to test bot 24 and 42 V feeders
        (3) Machine side mount feeder reel changing stations
        (1) Table top Feeder Holder
        (176)  Feeders:
                        (10)Dual lane 8mm green label 42V
                      (110) 8mmX4mm
                        (20) 12mmX8mm
                          (8) 12mmX4mm
                        (10) 16mm multi pitch
                        (10) 24mm multi pitch
                          (6) 32mm multi pitch
                          (2) Vibratory Bases + (2) Vibratory feeder rails

     (1) BTU VIP70 5 Zone Reflow oven (1994)
     (2) .5m PCB Conveyors
     Lots of accessories for the DEK and Universal Machines.

   Known issues by machine:
      DEK 265GS: Keyboard tends to input characters multiple time when a key is pressed (the keyboard isn't used a lot)
(We've fixed some of the things that tend to have issues on this machine as it gets old, such as the display screens that we replaced with LCDs, and the air hoses which get brittle and crack most of which have now been replaced, but there may be a few left.)

UIC GSM M1 (without Flex head and PTF):
No outstanding chronic issues.

Spindle 5 is disabled, it would go down when it wasn't supposed to, we've unplugged the clutch and then leave it out of the optimizing process.  We've talked to a tech that thought this should be a fairly simple thing to track down and fix.  We already tried replacing the Flexjet head PCB and it didn't change anything that would likely be the more expensive fix (did I mention we have a spare Flexjet head PCB?)

When opening the program editor an error window pops up that reads “u-APE.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program."
   There is still a way to open products by going to through file explorer to find the program you want and open it there. The error message should come up once, but will work on the second attempt opening.  (There is probably a simple fix for this, it hasn't been worth spending much time on.)

Axis error codes 10210, 10215 and 10223 have shown up occasionally mostly after long inactivity.

Has occasionally had rotation axis errors, we got it to run well by removing the belt between the axis motor and the spindles and spinning the motor to a different orientation and putting the belt back on.  Not quite sure why this helped but it did, again this is likely a pretty simple fix.

No Known issues.

PTF that is connected to M3 has a serial communication problem (code 26400).  This is a intermittent issue, but it was annoying enough that we ended up disabling the PTF and using the one on M2.  So the machine runs fine, it's just the PTF that has issues.  We were told this could be anything from a loose cable to the main control board.  Hopefully a tech could track it down, or this PTF could be used as a parts unit.

BTU Reflow Oven:
Ventilation fans are a little rough at startup, but they've been like that since we got this things and it's still working fine.
We actually just recently fixed the other issues it had like the gas struts and a couple flakey SSRs.  It's running as well as it ever has for us and that is saying something.

Universal GSM Details (pulled from original purchase documentation, please contact me to verify anything that is critical to you):


UPS+ - windows software
NPI Software - New Product Introduction s/w for quick set-up and minimal scrap
Updated VME! Vision ESI-650H card, EPC-16
42V and 24V feeder interface can accept latest and older UIC feeders
(3 or 4) interchangeable precision locking feeder banks (Machines with PTF only have 3 removable feeder banks)
FlexJet with 2.6mil/pixel camera - Front mount
Flex Head (4 Spindle / C4) - Rear mount (2 of 3 machines)
Magellan 2.3mpp Camera - Rear mount (2 of 3 machines)

A GSM1 that has been completely updated by Universal. 

Windows UPS+ with NPI software, 
Updated feeder interfaces and banks. 
Magellan cameras and rebuilt VME.  
PTF with PTF conveyor included.  (2 of 3 machines)
The perfect solution for high flexibility, low cost, and up to date technology! 
NPI Software

Scrap-free first article build 
Provides the ability to verify the complete production process: board, feeders, fiducials, components, pre-placement x, y and theta data, and post-placement data 
FlexJet Head - The all-around performer

The FlexJet Head quickly and accurately places components as small as 0201 up to 55mm square and 25mm tall with single field-of-view inspection. Gang pick up to seven components.  C4/High force head - Unmatched flexibility and odd-form capability To handle your extreme application requirements, programmable insertion forces from 150 to 5000 grams. Additional features include selectable placement delay and normal, medium and slow tact modes. 

High Force Head (GSM1 and/or GSM2)

The High Force Head assembly is the component pick-up and placement mechanism, with required enhancements to accommodate C4 or odd form type components. It is a four spindle head with each spindle having vertical and rotational movement capability.  The spindles are driven in the vertical direction by a single Z-axis motor (with each spindle individually clutched) for component pick-up and placement. Each spindle accepts a variety of different nozzles, allowing pick-up and transport of various component sizes and types.


Spec Placement Rate

Max: 10,000 cph / 0.36 sec per component  


IC +/-50microns @ 1.33 Cpk / +/-38microns @ 1.00 Cpk 

PCB Dimensions 

Maximum Size: (WxLxH) 508 x 635 x 5.08mm (20 x 25 x 0.2")

Minimum Size: (WxLxH) 50.8 x 50.8 x 0.508mm (2 x 2 x 0.02")

Maximum Weight: 2.72kg (6lbs)

Topside Clearance: 26.5mm (1.04") 

Component Range 

Maximum Size: (WxLxH) 55 x 55 x 25mm (2.17 x 2.17 x 0.98") (150mm MFoV)

Minimum Size: (WxLxH) 0.25 x 0.5 x 0.15mm (0.01 x 0.02 x 0.006")

Maximum Weight: 35g (up to 130g via RFQ)

DEK 265GS:

Autoflex tooling
Wet/Vac Under stencil cleaner
Squeegees (1) 14" set and (1) 7" Set (Not OEM)
Manuals (Hard Copy and Digital)
Magnet Pin Tooling
Calibration Screen and plate
Spare Parts
Old Parts

Specifications (Partial - contact me for the full specs):

Minimum Size 20 x 38 mm (2.74 x 1.5 in.) Maximum Size 510 x 508 mm (20 x 20 in.)
Feed Direction Selectable pass thru or single ended, from left or right
Rail Justification Front Fixed or Rear Fixed (factory set)
Interface SMEMA and all major placement machines
Recognition method Synthetic shape recognition or correlation
Fiducials 2 or 3 off fiducials
Align calibration Fully automatic (look up/down optics)
Screen frames:
DEK/MPM: 736 x 736 x 38/40 mm (29 x 29 x 1.6in.) (external)
249/UIC: 584 x 584 x 25mm (23 x 23 x 1in.) (external)
FUJI 4000: 580 x 800 x 28mm (22.8 x 31.5 x 1.1in) (external)
SANYO: 650 x 550 x 25mm (25.5 x 21.6 x 1in) (external)
Print Image Front, centre or rear.
Print area 510 x 489 mm (20 x 19.25 in.) max. with DEK screen frame
Screen changeover Motorised, front loading with auto positioning and clamping
Screen adjustment X/Y range +/- 10mm (+/- 0.4 in.) accuracy +/- 4 micron. Theta range +/- 1.75o accuracy, +/- 0.001o
Screen cleaning Programmable 0 - 200 cycles and for 1 to 4 wipes
Power supply Selectable 100, 110, 200, 210, 220, 240V (+/- 10%), 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max. 3kW
Air supply 4 - 8 bar (60 - 120psi). 5.0 Litres/min (0.2cfm)
Dimensions 1405 x 1314mm (50.6 x 51.7in.), Height 1460mm (57.4in.)
Weight Approx. 900kg (1980lbs).
Autoflex tooling Fully programmable pin matrix to support boards
Wet screen clean Programmable combination of wet and dry cycles in conjunction with standard screen cleaning unit. Reservoir capacity 400cc (0.7 pts)

BTU VIP70A Reflow Oven:

Edge Rail + Mesh
Travel Left to Right
Spare Parts

Specifications (Partial, from ORC scanned document):
Maximum temperature rating : 300° C
Operating temperature : 100-275° C 4
Number of controlled heated zones : 5 Zones (5 top/5 bottom)
Working dimensions : 22 inches (558 mm) wide belt
: 2 inch (51 mm) nominal clearance above belt
Heated length : 70 inches (1778 mm)
Belt height above floor : 33 to 39 inches to top of belt (838 to 990 mm)
Furnace atmosphere : Air
System Dimensions
APPROXIMATE SYSTEM LENGTH .................................................. 113 2870 mm
APPROXIMATE SYSTEM WIDTH ................................................... 49 1245 mm
Belt Type, Material: 302 Stainless Steel Flat Flex
Vlhdth : 22 inches (533 mm)
Belt Speed, Nominal : 22 inches per minute (559 mm/min.)
Range : 10 to 60 inches per minute (254/1524 mm/min.)
1. Optional Rail Conveyor : #35 Roller Chain in an extrusion
Edge Conveyor Width : 2 inches to 18 inches (51mm / 457 mm)
ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS (Currently wired for 240V, 3-phase @ 70A)
Approximate Heater Power : 27 kW @208V
Approximate Operating Power : 13 kW
Voltage ( select one ) : 200 volts. 3 Z, 3-wire, 50/60 Hz
' 208 volts 3 El, 3-wire, 50/60 Hz— (standard)
240 volts 3 Q, 3-wire, 50/60 Hz
480 volts, 3 Q, 3-wire, 50/60 Hz
440 volts, 3 E, 3--wire, 50/60 Hz
400/230 volts, 3 Q, 4-wire, 50 Hz
415/240 volts, 3 Q, 4-wire, 50 Hz
380/220 volts, 3 Q, 4—wire, 50 Hz
System software can be programmed to soft start the furnace to reduce startup load current
Color : Pillar White
Shipping weight : 2,650 pounds (1,202 Kilograms) (Does not weigh this much without crating)

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