Juki KE-2070M

Juki KE-2070M

Juki KE-2070M


Juki KE-2070M


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Type name high-speed veneer KE-2070M / KE -2070L / KE -2070E
Substrate size M substrate(330 X 250mm) ○
L substrate(410 X 360mm) ○
E substrate(510 X 460mm) ○
Component height 6mm specification ○
12Mm specification ○
20Mm specification _
25Mm specification _
Component size laser recognition 0402(imperial 01005) chip ~ 33.5 mm square element
Image recognition 1.0 × 0.5 mm ~ 33.5 mm square elements
Component mount speed condition 0.155 seconds/chip(23300 CPH)
IC component 4600CPH *
Laser recognition of component mount accuracy ± 0.05 mm
Image recognition ± 0.04 mm
80 types of components mounted on ***(converted to 8mm tape)
Power three-phase AC200 ~ 415V
Rated power 3KVA
Use of air pressure 0.5 ± 0.05 Mpa
Air consumption(standard state) 345L/d
Device size(W × D × H) M substrate 1,400 × 1 ,393 × 1,455 mm
L substrate 1,500 X 1,500 X 1,455 mm
E substrate 1,730 × 1,600 × 1,455 mm
Weight is about 1530kg
Use the MNVC(buy), full suction at the same time when the conversion value.
<UNK> Condition: 0.155 seconds / chip(23,300 CPH)
<UNK> 4,600 CPH: IC(image recognition / when purchasing with MNVC)
<UNK> Laser mount head × 1(6 suction)
0402(imperial 01005) chip ~ 33.5 mm square component

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