Yamaha YSi-V

Yamaha YSi-V

Yamaha YSi-V


Yamaha YSi-V


AOI / Automated Optical Inspection

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1. Model: Yamaha ysi-v
2. Target substrate: l610 x w560 (maximum) ~ l50 x

w50 (minimum) & supports l750mm super long substrate (optional)

Resolution: visible light (red/green/blue) & infrared (infra-red) 12μm / 7

μm (optional)
4. Inspection object: component status just after mounting,

solder paste and component status after curing
5. Power specification:

three-phase 200/208/220/230/240/400/416v, ±10% 50/60hz
6. Air supply: above

0.4mpa, clean and dry
7. Dimensions (except for the protruding part):

l1,252mm x w1,497mm x h1,550mm
8. Main body weight: about 1,300kg
Of course,

only understanding these basic parameters will not reflect the specifics of

ysi-v. So let me talk about the characteristics of the ysi-v high-end

hybrid optical appearance inspection device.
1, 2d high-speed,

high-resolution two-dimensional inspection
12 million pixel high-resolution

  The industry is the first to adopt a 12-megapixel camera and a

high-pixel telecentric lens. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-

speed image processing and control system, which not only expands the field

of view, but also has high-definition and high-speed, and the inspection

capacity is more than twice that of the previous
Choose from 5 different

methods to achieve the best inspection (brightness, chroma, slope,

infrared, laser)
2. 3D height, 3D inspection of inclined surface (optional)

High-speed measurement of the height within the entire field of view at

once. It can also accurately detect defects that are affected by warped

parts, similar colors of substrates and components, or interference from

silk screens and pads, etc., which are difficult to detect in the 2D map.

In addition, you can also check the inclination and direction of the object

to accurately determine whether the shape is correct
3, 4d 4-direction

squint camera (optional)
   In addition to shooting 2D inspection images

from directly above, it also adopts original imaging technology, which can

take a one-time oblique shot of the wrong position and all components in

the field of view from 4 directions, and accurately track the components.

Based on the images taken from four directions, it is possible to directly

visually inspect the substrate without removing the substrate, thereby

preventing human errors caused by touching the substrate and reducing the

number of processes.
4. Support qa optional software, smart phone judgment

  Smartphone judgment
The detected bad information is sent to the

operator’s smart phone through the wireless LAN network, which can be

remotely judged through the smart phone
qa optional software
After the

defect is detected, it will automatically feedback through the lan network.

Forcibly stop the operation of the target placement machine and display the

component mounting position, placement head, nozzle type and other

information related to different components on the screen of the placement

5. The dual-track system can be used for 2 rows of parallel

transmission to improve the inspection speed of medium and small

substrates; it can also transmit large and ultra-long substrates up to

1750mm (optional)

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