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Panasonic CM88S-M 166Z0313

Panasonic CM88S-M  166Z0313

Panasonic CM88S-M  166Z0313


Panasonic CM88S-M 166Z0313


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1. Theoretical speed: 0.085 seconds/point
2. Feeder configuration: 30 pieces
3. Equipment year: 2003 
4. Available patch range: 0201,0402; 0603; 0805; 1206; MELF diode; Transistor, 32mQFP, SOP, SOJ, LED: 3528, 3014, 50, 5730.
5. Patch area: MAX: 30mX250m; MIN: 50mX50m
6. Mounting accuracy: ±0.06m
7. PCB replacement time: 2sec
8. Working head: 12Pcs (6NOZZLE/HEAD)
9. Feeding station: 140 stations (70+70)
10. Equipment weight: 3750Kg
1. Equipment size: 4000mX1800mX1700m
12. Control method: microcomputer
13. Working mode: visual recognition compensation. Thermal track compensation, single-head production
14. Substrate flow direction: from left to right, fixed at the back
15. Electrical requirements: 3-phase 200V0.8mpa (5.5Kg/cm2)
16. Theoretical output: 800,000 points/day.

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