Yamaha YSM10 / KMG-000

Yamaha YSM10 / KMG-000

Yamaha YSM10 / KMG-000


Yamaha YSM10 / KMG-000


Pick and Place/Feeders

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Yamaha Mounter YSM10 basic specifications:

  1. Target board size: L510 x W460 mm ~ L50 x W50 mm. Use optional accessories, can correspond to L610mm substrate

  2, placement capacity: HM placement head (10 nozzles) specifications HM5 placement head (5 nozzles) specifications. 46,000CPH (under our company's conditions) 31,000CPH (under our company's conditions)

  3. Components that can be mounted: 03015 ~ W55 x L100mm (over W45mm for segmentation recognition), height less than 15mm. The element height exceeds 6.5mm,

   or the component size exceeds 12mm x 12mm, you need to choose a multi-vision camera (optional configuration)

  4. Mounting accuracy Our company's conditions (when using standard components): ±0.035mm (±0.025mm)

  5. The number of feeders that can be installed: fixed feeder rack: up to 96 (converted by 8mm tape) trays: 15 types (when equipped with sATS15, JEDEC)

  6. ​​Power specification: three-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V ±10% 50/60Hz

  7. Air supply: 0.45MPa or more, clean and dry

   8. Dimensions: L1,254 x W1,440 x H1,445mm

  9, the main body weight is about 1,270kg

   YAMAHA Yamaha multi-function high-speed placement machine YSM10 advantage introduction:

1. Accuracy: The placement machine adopts a fully closed-loop control system, and the accuracy of the round-trip accuracy avoids the placement deviation caused by inaccurate readings caused by other factors such as the wear of the hardware after use. It ensures the placement accuracy well, so the machine Compare the value preservation. And the cost performance is also very high, and the reliability is widely recognized!

2. Quality: The placement machine adopts independent proprietary technology and automatic vacuum destruction to avoid blowing away or skewing nearby components during high-density placement. At the same time, LNC60 laser detection is used to correct the components, and at the same time, the placement of the The mounting situation is tested to ensure the quality of the mounting.

3. Efficiency: The placement machine adopts Chinese intuitive touch operation screen, and ordinary operators can operate it well. At the same time, the LCN60 laser recognition system improves the efficiency of component production, and the mobility in the line is very strong. Reduce the time loss due to line change and other operations.

   Fourth, easy to operate: the placement machine is low-cost, and there are most technical engineers on the market who are familiar with the placement machine. It is easy for newcomers to learn, the placement machine is simple to operate, and the staff training is quick. It is also easier to ask for engineering skills.

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