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PROSEM Technology introduces PROCAM - Automatic Gerber to Centroid (CAD) extraction software. This low cost, extremely simple to use software is aimed towards SMT pick and place machine programmers who normally use Pick and Place equipment to 'Teach' Placement locations on the PCB. In addition to being highly inaccurate, this process involves a lot of machine 'productive' time in doing 'non-productive' work.

PROCAM allow the user to import Gerber - Paste/Mask layer for pads and Silk layer for reference designators (locations). Gerber is then extracted by PROCAM automatically for all components. Reference designator input can be done post-extraction or during centroid extraction. BOM & CAD matching function allows Centroid matching with the BOM file (.csv) format to get the part nos. and package names for each component. Components not found in the BOM file are then identified. PROCAM allows user to automatically calculate the circuit repeat information (X and Y) as well as fiducial locations along with the PCB outline. Panel origin can be chosen by the operator (if needed).

The final data can be saved in the standard PROCAM format (.csv) which includes PCB size, coordinates of all 4 corners with respect to the origin, Fiducial locations and centroid data of all components extracted with their part no, package and size (extremeties of the pads included in the package). Optionally PROCAM also allows the centroid data to be saved in a few machine specific formats such as VIOS Text format for Yamaha/Philips (GEMLINE) equipment, I-Pulse (.csv) format and the industry standard GenCAD format which is directly accepted by many machine programming software such as Assembleon PPS.

Reduce your NPI time drastically with PROCAM!

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