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Hexi Wave solder machine with nitrogen

Hexi Wave solder machine with nitrogen

Hexi Wave solder machine with nitrogen


Hexi Wave solder machine with nitrogen


Soldering - Wave

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this type can be added with nitrogen protection system

1 Flux spraying system

1.1 Spray fluxer can sense the board size automatically, and the spraying area can be adjusted according to the width of PCB.

1.2 Spray fluxer can sense the conveyor speed.

1.3 Spray fluxer is equipped with automatic cleaning system for spraying head.

1.4 Flux spraying way: SMC no-bar cylinder

2. Preheating system

2.1 4 preheating zones provide high soldering performance.

2.2 Preheating method: Ceramic piping with infrared ray

2.3 Temperature compensation avoids that PCB would become cooler before soldering.

3 Soldering System

3.1 Soldering pot, employed with European technology, is made of heat-resistant Titanium alloy with erosion-proof and distortion-proof.

3.2 With low oxidation, system gathers oxidation automatically.

3.3 Tin wave can rise up and fall down automatically.

3.4 Closer distance between two spouts makes less thermal impact on PCB.

3.5 Suitable for direct carrier with streamline design

3.6 Transducer can control the height of wave independently.

3.7 Soldering pot goes up and down, passes in and out automatically; sensors and self-control device avoid false operation.

3.8 Soldering pot: mechanical pump equipped with motor of heat-resistance and anti-jamming. With PID controlling, rotating speed of motor keeps stable.

3.9 The temperature of PID is controlled by PID system with high precision.

4 Cooling System

4.1 Cooling system can create cool air to ensure quick eutectic.

4.2 Cooling way: Internal cool air compressor

5 Conveyor Systems

5.1 Conveyor system controlled by PID employs frequency converter.

5.2 Fingers: Standard Titanium fingers (you can choose according to your need)

5.3 Rigid structure and precise components ensure stable conveyor.

5.4 Coefficients (conveyor width, conveyor speed, conveyor angle) can be adjusted automatically.

6 Controlling system

6.1 Machine is controlled by PC and PLC (SIMENS), with many functions and stable performance, which can be operated offline.

6.2 WIN2000 operating system can control all the above-mentioned systems, thus man can operate machine conveniently.

6.3 The machine is equipped with Light and Sound Alarm and Emergency Stop system; all the motors are equipped with thermal overload relay.

6.4 Automatic boot-strap and shutoff can be set.

6.5 All the coefficients can be set, saved, modified, and tried.

6.6 Complete temperature test functions satisfy analysis of different technician coefficients.

7.Nitrogen protecting system

7.1 N2 protection system, can prevent solder paste from oxidization,improving the moisture of soldering points,reducing the faults of soldering.

7.2 Low nitrogen consumption design(10-30L/Hour), oxygen density can be keep between 300-1200PPM.

7.3 Nitrogen can be reused after filtering, production cost is therefore saved.

7.4 Nitrogen flow rate and oxygen analyzing system are easy to be observed ,adjusted.

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Our factory maily specialize in thermal equipment including lead-free reflow ovens, lead-free wave soldering machines.

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