Torch T300

Torch T300

Torch T300


Torch T300


Soldering - Reflow

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Beijing Torch Co.,Ltd


T300 Conveyor Hot-air Reflow Oven

Conveyor Hot-air Reflow Oven has  (3) heating zones and (300mm) wide and (1200mm) long conveyor for low to medium volume production runs.  T300 utilizes PID intelligent micro-computer automatic temperature control system for extremely uniform temperature profiling. 

    Three (3) vertical heating zones plus cooling zone.

    Instrument individual temperature control

    300mm wide stainless steel conveyor

    Transmission system: AC conversion CVT motor and 1:100 vortex reducer.

    Easy lift clamshell hood design

    Alarm system: automatic pilot light alarm

  1. High reliability: heating component which made in the high temperature condition.

  2. High efficiency, four temperature-zones. It meets the requirement of SMT welding. It can be used as solidified stove at the same time.

  3. Small volume. Save electricity. It meets the requirements of small-type and multimode product in manufacturer .It is also suitable for laboratory to do research.

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Beijing Torch Co.,Ltd

Beijing Torch SMT Co., Ltd. found in 2001, and has a strong force on R&D and manufacture of SMT and PCB production line

Beijing, China


  • Phone 8610-60509015-866

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