ASI Oxide Line

ASI Oxide Line

ASI Oxide Line


ASI Oxide Line


General Purpose Equipment




Nebraska, USA

Offered by:

M.I.S. Engineering

ASI Conveyorized Oxide Line

Set up for RBP Oxide replacement chemistry



4'Spray Chamber/Triple Cascade Rinse

4'Flood Chamber/Double Recirc. Rinse

Single Running Rinse




480V 70A 3Ph

Item has been rewired with Contactors/heater controllers/etc.

Shipping- we will place this item on a oversized skid and have it ready for shipment on our dock.

Buyer will be responsible to make all shipping and insurance arrangements.

Buyer may either arrange for pickup at our facility or contract their own carrier to

pick up the item. The buyer will be responsible for all paperwork for shipment, including a release to the carrier.

The estimated weight for this item is 10000 lbs..

This is only an estimated weight-actual weight will need to be determined by the contracted carrier.

Company Information:

M.I.S. Engineering

Developing partnering relationships to design and manufacture high quality electronics that are responsive to customer needs

Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Contract Manufacturer

  • Phone 402-474-2858

M.I.S. Engineering website

Company Postings:
SMT Equipment & PCB Assembly Machines RFQ

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