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tianhao dispensing machine TH-2004C

tianhao dispensing machine TH-2004C

tianhao dispensing machine TH-2004C


tianhao dispensing machine TH-2004C


Adhesive Dispensers

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cixi tianhao dispensing equipment co.,ltd

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TH-2004C using for products dispensing processing requirements for higher precision, faster, good quality,better stability, complex path to developed design. This machine adopts PC computer-controlled, equipped with CCD visual images and import of servo-driven positioning system, loaded with specifically to the complex dispensing path control software, so that TH - 2004C can flexible to meet every application need.easily resolve any plane or 3D space of a variety of high-precision coating problems. The dispensing image equipped with newly developed "Dispensing preview function" is displayed Display high-speed image acquisition and flexible dispensing track editor, and have 250G hard drive unlimited save the program within the document.


Easy programming via windows-based PC control or drawing load by the AUTO CAD which simplifies operation

The programming of edit adopt international advance of CCD image location, eliminate the man with eye vision tolerance, to insure coating path position precision. By CCD to clear see the very small product, CCD assisted process programming and instructing function enables real time tracking of location of coordinate orbit to be displayed so as to shorten the programming time and improve programming efficiency.

The machine is based on computer WINDOWS XP platform, through the T&H high-precision dispensing robot control software to achieve an integrated control of the robot motion and dispensing head flow control

Linked triple-axis connections, to resolve a variety of flat trajectory and 3D trajectory of the sealing and coating process

Quote the rocker operate the machine-readable program coordinates, simplifying the operation of the robot more difficult.

no limit programs, 250G disk storage with super memory capacity.

As process needs change, the system can be upgraded in the field to add options not previously required that meet your special needs with the least amount of complexity.

No computer skills required

Operating area of 300X300X100mm.

Repeatability 0.01mm for accurate dispensing

Resolution: X & Y,Z: 0.005mm/ Axis,

maximum feed speed:1000mm/sec.(X-and Y-axes)

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